This past weekend in my quest to try new things during October, my hubby and I ran in The Color Run. It was SO much fun! We had the best time and I loved getting sprayed with color during the 5k. Here’s how it went…


Here I am before the race, all nice and white. I was trying to show off my Color Run tattoo on my hand, but you can’t really see it.


Signs like this signaled when color was coming. There were four colors: pink, yellow, purple and blue.


We ran under archways like this for each color and then got sprayed! Run volunteers held spray bottles of powered color and nailed us as we ran by. I was smiling the whole way! My hubby told me my teeth were blue and yellow by the time we finished the race.


Here we are at the end of the race… but wait, there’s more!


As fun as getting sprayed in color during the run, the real color happens after the race. With music blaring and color packets in our hands all the runners get to toss their own color and watch it rain down. It was crazy! One giant color fog!




Holy crap, it was thick!


Once the fog cleared, we took one last picture and then headed to breakfast. Where I had this…


 A yummy mimosa, only this was one new to me with peach and orange juices and fresh blueberries. We sat outside and it was the perfect end to a fun morning.

I highly recommend The Color Run!! It’s very lo-key and if you’re not a runner, that’s okay. There were lots of people walking too. I can’t wait to sign up for another one!

So… have any of you done anything new lately?

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  1. Sue G.

    That looks like you had a blast! The only new thing I can think of doing this weekend was taking a family selfie on our high school football field during Senior Band Night. Our youngest is a senior in high school and after they announced her name and the rest of the family, we stood in our place and took selfies! This then caused most of the other 60 seniors to start doing the same thing. It was pretty funny!

      • Sue G.

        Youngest is a sousaphone/tuba. Our oldest was a flute/piccolo and the middle was a clarinet. Neither my husband nor I played any instruments and we find it funny that all 3 of our girls were in the band and were/are good!

        Did you play?

        • Robin

          I’ve never heard of a sousaphone! Nope, I never learned an instrument. And my boys have been all about sports. Although my youngest is very much into drama now, too, and wants to be a writer/director. He’s also teaching himself the piano at the moment. He wanted a keyboard so he could do things his way (tried with piano lessons when he was younger actually, and that didn’t go over so well LOL) and so we bought him one to practice on. He’s already really good!

          • Sue G.

            A sousaphone is a marching tuba. They wrap around the body and bell is up above the person’s head. My daughter’s weighs about 40 pounds! The largest ones weigh about 60 pounds! If you have ever watched Ohio State’s marching band during a college football game when they do Script Ohio, one of the sousaphones “Dot the i”.

  2. Ada

    We have a run like that here called Color Me Radd. I haven`t taken part in it but some friends of mine have! It`s pretty cool :) Congrats to you and your hubby for taking part, Robin!

    I haven`t done anything new lately although at work, the `new` season has started! :)

    • Robin

      Love the name Color Me Radd, Ada. I’d like *that* T-shirt! LOL I need all the street cred I can get. LOL

      What do you do that you have a ‘new’ season?

  3. elena k

    this is amazing! I would love to get colored too! unfortunately we don’t have so much exciting runs here! :-/

  4. elena k

    p.s. I tried new recipes last week and also we went to the biggest animal park here and it was so exciting! I saw for the first time so many animals like white tigers, dolphins, bears etc.

    • Robin

      It was really great, Elena! I loved getting colorful. And yay for venturing out to a new place! The animal park sounds terrific! I’m so happy you saw animals you’ve never seen before! I love visiting zoos here in the states. When my boys were little we went all the time! You’ve inspired me to make another visit. It’s been a while. I also love aquariums!

      And high five on the new recipes, too. I bet they were delicious!!

      • elena k

        I loved the zoo! I wanted to go for two years but now I was inspired by your motivation for new things and conviced my boyfriend and we had a great time! I wish we had an aquarium too! I would love to visit one. as for the recipes all went well! :-) I tried one of the hardest recipes and it was a success. now I have to think more new things to try ;-)

  5. Anita H

    Ohh, those colors look so pretty. But I have to admit, I’m a little princess like so sweaty and dirty doesn’t appeal to me even if those colors look so amazing haha

    Can’t really say anything new has happened lately. I’m boring that way :D

    • Robin

      So I guess a Mud Run is out of the question, too, Anita? I’m thinking about doing that next month! LOL Nothing wrong with being a princess – you can cheer from the sidelines! Also, boring is good. I’m usually boring too!

      • Anita H

        Mud run, yeah, no thanks! Just the thought of willingly jumping into mud gives me the shakes :P But I am happy to cheer from the sidelines!! :)

  6. Christine

    So glad you had such a fun run! The run I was involved in was not quite so colorful, but still a good time (especially since it wasn’t raining or snowing).

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