When I asked MacGyver to take our lovable, adorable, mini Labradoodle Harry to the groomers for a “trim.” Here’s what Harry used to look like:

See all that cute fur? We call it Rasta, because it’s not straight, but it’s not curly. We love it. I love it. And okay, he was getting a little scruffy from playing like a typical one-year-old in the mud and leaves and water, so maybe a cut and not a trim was in order. But Still.

This is what Harry looks like now:


You know who’s going to be in charge of taking Harry to the groomers from now on, don’t you?


Posted November 30, 2011 by Robin Bielman in Harry / 6 Comments

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  1. Jax

    Harry is so adorable! I know exactly how he feels. Three months ago I went in to get bangs for the first time in like ten years and the lady butchered my hair. My hair has never recovered from the cut :P

  2. Robin

    Oh, Jax! I’m sorry. I know how a haircut – especially concerning bangs – can go very right or very wrong. The good news, though, is that your bangs will grow out, right? And regardless, you always look beautiful to me!

  3. Ha! That’s hilarious. At least it will grow out, right? In the meantime, it makes him look SO much bigger. Did he react strangely to having all his hair cut off? I know it’s always weird when I get a haircut. I figure dogs must feel the same way.

  4. Oh, poor Harry!! He still looks adorable, Robin, but it must feel strange to him to have so much hair trimmed away… My hair is curly and there are very, very few stylists that have any idea how to cut it, so I’m always worried walking into a salon, usually with good reason, lol.

  5. Robin

    Caryn ~ he’s still crazy as ever! I don’t think the cut bothered him, but he does look kind of sad in that picture, doesn’t he?

  6. Robin

    Marilyn, MacGyver said when he dropped Harry off that Harry looked at him like “What’s going on here?” We’ve been giving him a little extra love, just in case he is wondering where all his hair went!

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