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So, lately it seems I’ve left my brain someplace other than my head. I don’t know if it’s because I’m trying to do too much (I used to be such a good multi-tasker) or because I’m tired (that thing called sleep has been alluding me more frequently) or because I’m drinking too many cafe mochas (my new favorite beverage!).

But whatever it is, it means I’ve done some or all of the following. Can you guess which ones?

1. While out to dinner with friends, we were talking about music and DJ’s. One of the guys asked where the music comes from. I said the speakers. He cracked up. Everyone cracked up. I wanted to hide under the table.

2. In a wide expanse of beautiful green grass, I found and stepped into the biggest pile of dog sh*t imaginable. It’s talent, I tell you, to not watch where you’re walking.

3. I am so tired that when my thirteen-year-old asked if he could see his phone for a minute to text a friend (he lost his phone as a punishment) and I gave it to him (because I’m weak and tired and didn’t want to argue) and then he gave it back, I didn’t notice until the next day that he handed me back his iPod, not his iPhone. Sneaky devil.

4. I closed the back of my SUV on my car keys, breaking the remote alarm thingy.

Yes, I did.


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8 responses to “Yes, I Did

  1. I remember those days of raising a family and trying to do things for myself so my brain wouldn’t turn to oatmeal, and then being so exhausted I couldn’t think straight. Like halfway backing out and closing the garage door on the roof of the car.
    Try to schedule a twenty minute nap in the mid afternoon if you can, or if you work outside the house find somewhere you can sit and close your eyes for ten minutes of your lunchbreak. It really helps.

  2. Hahaha! I loved # 3. My 15 AND 8 year old’s always trying to out smart me. But you’re good. I feel like when I punish my teenager and take his phone, I’m punishing myself more because I can’t get a hold of him when I want… :-P

  3. Robin

    Thanks, Shari!

    Lol, Robena! I’ve done the garage door thing too! Not recently, but I’ve done it. Naps do work wonders for me when I take them so I really should do that more often. Thanks for the reminder!

    I laughed out loud, Tuere, when I realized my mistake! I mean, come on, what a sneaky trick. And so like my son. He’s incredibly sweet, but incredibly mischievous. Then he gives me a smile and I forget all about being mad at him. I’ve stuck to my guns, though, with the phone. And yes, it’s a little discomforting that I can’t reach him right away, but hey, I survived my childhood without one.

  4. Oh, no! You poor thing. It’s because all of your considerable brain power is taken up thinking about your books. You can’t be expected to function on the real-life plane, too. That’s just asking too much.

  5. It’s obvious your brain is full of plots and characters and arcs and all kinds of other important things, so don’t feel bad about the little oopsies throughout the day. Just take Harry outside, take a walk, and everything will right itself in no time!

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