I’m so happy to give a shout out to my pal, Stephanie Monahan and her latest release, THE MEAN GIRL APOLOGIES. I’m currently sneaking in some reading when I’m not writing or at the day job, and I’m loving Natalie and Jack!

I adore the cover and here’s more info about the book…

TMGA cover

Sometimes the song on the radio really is about you.

You know that catchy song you keep hearing on the radio?

It’s about you.

Natalie Jamison has spent five years trying to forget the girl she was in high school: popular, pretty…and, okay, mean. Now in her twenties and living once again in her small town, she’s right back where she was: following Queen Bee Amber and keeping secrets from her best friend, Sarah.

Secrets like Jack Moreland.

Everyone knows Jack Moreland—his new album, Good Enough, is everywhere. He’s famous. Impossibly handsome. Completely untouchable. But what none of Natalie’s old clique knows is that in high school, Natalie and Jack fell in love. And their secret relationship was incredible, painful—and earth-shattering enough to inspire an entire album.

Facing friends and enemies isn’t easy, but Natalie will go to great lengths to prove she is good enough—to her friends, to herself, and most of all, to the small-town boy turned worldwide heartthrob she never forgot.

You can grab this new adult novel here:

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And add it to your Goodreads shelf HERE.

I’d love to know what you’re reading! Leave me a comment, ‘k? Because my TBR pile isn’t big enough. hee hee Have an awesome rest of the week!


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8 responses to “Whatcha Reading?

  1. Rachel Hamilton

    I’m currently reading and arc of Vampire Trouble by Sara Humphreys. I think my next book might be The Mean Girl Apologies. It sounds so good. Thank you Robin for another recommendation.

    • Robin

      Hey Rachel! It’s so funny that you mention Sara! I haven’t read her books yet, but I’m participating in Stomp v. Romp this August and she’s my challenger! I’m Stomp. She’s Romp. You’ll have to come cheer us both on!

  2. elena k

    I’m always reading but the books I loved lately were these : say the word by julie johnson, loving mr. daniels by brittainy c. cherry, beautiful broken promises by kimberly lauren and yesterday I finished baiting the maid of honor by tessa bailey.the mean girl apologies looks good! :-*

    • Robin

      Hi Elena! I envy all your reading time! And I’m taking note to add them to my TBR pile. I haven’t read any of the Wedding Dare books but Samanthe’s, but I’d like to sometime! I may have to start with Tessa’s.

  3. Marcy Shuler

    This book sounds great. Thanks for the recommendation, Robin!

    I just finished reading four 99 cent novellas I recently picked up. All were pretty good, too.

    JUST ONE NIGHT by Caridad Pineiro
    TAMING THE COUNTRY STAR by Margo Bond Collins
    DORINDA AND THE DOCTOR by Sabrina Jeffries
    MINE, ALL MINE by Ella J. Quince

    • Robin

      Hi Marcy! I’ve got Margo’s on my list already and I’ll have to check out the others. Lately, with so little extra time on my hands, novellas are a great reading pleasure.

  4. I’m currently reading Rainbow Rowell’s ATTACHMENTS. A few others I’ve read and loved recently: Sarah McCoy’s THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER, Sarah Pekkanen’s CATCHING AIR, and Rainbow’s FANGIRL.

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