Volume 1, Issue 1, Your Ever After Novella News Source

Reported by Robin Bielman

Hot shot heritage preservationist Dean Malloy was seen in a bar last night getting cozy with up-and-coming heritage protection wonder girl, Samantha Bennett. The two are after the same lucrative Route 66 contract, but last night, it looked like the competition was off the table.

To paraphrase my sources…

“Sam is dedicated to her work and wants to protect her heart at all costs but she can’t get over her love and attraction to Dean and who would? He’s a total swoon-worthy male. I swooned so many times, I want to find my own Dean because he is just perfect,” says Kayleigh.

When the conversation between Sam and Dean turned to fun and games, Anjana, sitting at a table just opposite them, had this to say:

“The chemistry between Dean and Sam was awesome and they may have just shared one of the hottest kisses to exist – really, it was one hell of a kiss!”

It appears that despite the business complication, sparks are flying between these two reunited lovers. Will they get caught up in romance? Or will their professional lives prove too big a barrier?

For a shot at love…is it worth the risk?


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