MacGyver (leaning over my shoulder and looking at my messy desk): What’s that say?

Me (looking at the note of scribbles next to my laptop): Uh, something about true love. I wrote it in the dark last night when I was half asleep thinking about my edits.

MacGyver: Is that why I sometimes wake up with ink marks on my face?

Isn’t he funny? (Maybe tonight I’ll try to sneakily draw a heart on his cheek while he’s sleeping. Yep, I think I will.)

I can’t believe that my novella, WORTH THE RISK, will be out soon! I’m super excited to share Sam and Dean’s story with everyone and even more honored to be in such incredible company with the other authors from Entangled Publishing. I’m so lucky to be working with amazing editors and cover artists and publicists. This has been the best experience! Much more to come soon…

In the meantime, tell me what you’re reading! My TBR pile isn’t big enough. Ha!


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  1. Just finished Christie Ridgway’s book, Can’t Hurry Love. About to start The Paris Wife, it’s our next book club pick.
    Then I’ll read Charlene Sands latest, and then yours. :-D

  2. Robin

    Aw, thanks Robena! I’ll add Christie’s book to my list. Love her title. And I know nothing about The Paris Wife, but I love that title too.

  3. What an exciting time this must be for you! Looking forward to hearing more about it!

    I’m finishing up Sophie Kinsella’s I’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER today – such a fun read.

    • Okay, Shari – after hearing you talk about this book a lot, I just bought it on Amazon. It looks really cute, but nothing sells me on a book like having someone I like and respect tell me how good it is.

      And, yes, Robin, I’m totally poaching your blog comments. :-D

  4. Robin

    Hi Shari! Another great title! And I *love* fun reads! I’m currently reading The Marriage Bargain Jennifer Probst and can’t slide my Nook pages fast enough! It’s soooo good!

  5. Am I going to have to get you an astronaut pen, too? Oh, Caryn–talk to your CP about the dangers of middle-of-the-night scribbling! ;-)

    Can’t wait for WORTH THE RISK!!!!!!!

  6. LOL! Hope you figured out what your scribbles said. I keep a headlamp on my nightstand so I have quick lighting, but sometimes I just write in the dark.

    Right now I’m reading Until There Was You by Kristan Hannah and The Girls of No Return by Erin Saldin. They’re both pretty good, though I just started the latter one during breakfast so I’m only about 10 pages in.

  7. Robin

    Caryn! I LOVE that you’ve taken over! Please feel free anytime!

    Pam ~ What’s an astronaut pen? And I can’t wait for you to read WTR! Thanks for being excited about it!

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