Hey there! We’re in the home stretch. R is the first letter of Risk. :) (Holy cow, we’re getting close to release day!)

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Happy April! I hope your spring is off to a good start! Mine is off the charts great! My very first book is coming out soon and I’m beyond excited. To celebrate, my blog is going to get busy. Thanks to something my writing pal Taryn Elliott mentioned about a Blogging from A to Z Challenge, I was inspired to do my own alphabet themed blog posts to take me to the release of my novella.

Rather than go from A – Z (kudos to all you doing so!), I’m going to do things this way:


That’s 12 posts until my novella releases from Entangled. I’ve got some fun things planned and hope you’ll check back frequently! Also, because I so appreciate each and every one of you that stops by, there will be some giveaways. AND, for every comment you make during this Blog Bonanza, you will be entered to win a Worth the Risk swag pack. (This is no ordinary pack, and I’ll be giving very few of them away because they’ll be filled with all kinds of awesomeness. I so love giving gifts.)


The dictionary defines romance as 1. a story depicting heroic or marvelous deeds, pageantry, and romantic exploits. 2. a romantic spirit, sentiment, or quality. 3. a love affair. 4. to indulge in fanciful stories or daydreams. 5. to court romantically.

I decided to ask a few people (guys and girls of different ages) for their definition of romance and here’s what they said…

Romance? Radical obsessive men always narrating crime epitaphs (Yes, this was my 13-year-old’s answer. I don’t think I have to worry about him and girls for awhile. lol)

A special love between two people who truly care about each other and trust each other

I don’t know. It’s undefinable by the laws of nature.

It means you’re in a relationship where you can’t sleep because the reality is better than your dreams.

It means time spent together where he surprises me with things he knows I’ll love.

Romance means wooing, trying to get the other person’s attention and making them happy.

A night out.

What’s your definition?


**The winner of a digital copy of Obsidian is Caryn Caldwell and the winner of a digital copy of The Marriage Bargain is Lynne Marshall! Congrats ladies! Please get in touch with me and let me know if you’d like your copy sent to your Nook or Kindle.

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  1. Linda Rollason

    Robin, I always knew you would make it this far – you are sooooo good and such a beautiful sister and friend. How do we buy it? I need to tell all of my aussie friends.
    Love Linda

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