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I am super excited to kick off a special buddy week today with my Entangled Publishing sister, Jennifer Shirk. We’re hosting a “Bliss Kiss Off” plus a giveaway and are so happy you’ve joined us!

Jennifer has a Bliss romance out called Kissing Kendall and since my new Bliss romance is called Kissing the Maid of Honor, well, we decided to combine KISSING forces—romance author style.

All week we’re hosting a rafflecopter giveaway for a $20 Amazon GC. The giveaway ends Sunday, May 26, at 11:59 PM EST and a winner will be announced on Monday, May 27th.
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So, to kick off this KISSING week, I thought I’d talk about a few methods that I think can lead to a lip lock. :D

5 Ways to Score A Kiss

1) Whisper sweet nothings. Lean in close so that your lips graze that delicate spot just under the earlobe. With a soft voice share how much you want to kiss the other person: “Your mouth drives me wild and I can’t wait to kiss you.” Or maybe “I want to kiss you so bad, I can barely breathe.” A compliment works, too: “Your smile drives me crazy with want.” One of my favorite lines in Kissing the Maid of Honor is from Luke… “Damn you’ve got an irresistible mouth. You should hold it against me more often.” And here’s the lead up to Brad and Kendall’s first kiss in Kissing Kendall

His lips were so close; they grazed her earlobes and were brushing along her jawbone in light wispy movements. “And I definitely know the right man for you is not the kind of man who’s going to settle for a mere goodnight peck on the cheek from you at the end of your first date.”
“He’s not?” she whispered suddenly at a loss for breath.

2) Get caught looking at the other person’s mouth. It starts with eye contact. You can’t keep your eyes off each other. You’re eye flirting—interest and tease twinkling between you. Then one of you dips a glance to the other person’s mouth and yowza! Your body is flooded with flutters and your brain is signaling for contact – like now!

3) Ditch the lipstick and stick with Chapstick or light lipgloss. Okay, so maybe this is how I score kisses with my hubby. He’s not a lipstick fan. But I wonder—does any guy really like the taste of lipcolor? Maybelline might have sensational colors and shine, but I’m thinking maybe a guy would much prefer the taste of you.

4) Start small. Little kisses to the back of the hand, the knuckles, the inside of the wrist, signal interest in breaking the kiss barrier. A gentle 2-second kiss to the forehead or eyelid takes it a step further. And a soft, eyes-closed kiss to the cheek or spot just to the side of the lips means you’re angling for a kiss on the mouth. Where you plan to linger for some time.

5) Sing a song. Something romantic. Maybe something suggestive. Something that gets you both in the mood and conveys how badly you want to kiss the person. Don’t worry if you can’t carry a tune. Seduce the person with a tender, gentle rendition close to their ear. Let your lips hover just out of reach while your breath teases their neck and the words wash over them like a caress.

So what do you think? Have something to add to my list?
What’s your favorite type of build-up to a kiss?

Jennifer’s got an awesome post on the 7 KISS types to recognize in romance on her blog HERE that you totally need to check out. And since this is a “Kiss Off,” Jennifer and I thought it would be fun to pit our favorite “kissing” video clips against each other. I think Luke and Lorelai from The Gilmore Girls have got it going on while Jennifer thinks Jim and Pam from The Office have the best kiss. Help us decide and cast your vote for Favorite On-Screen KISS

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*Just wanted to quickly mention, too, that today kicks of my blog tour! See below for where  I’m at today. I’ve got a fun tour-wide giveaway going on that I think you’ll want to check out.

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22 responses to “Pucker Up for a Bliss Kiss Off!

  1. Wow, it was hard to pick between those two. Jim and Pam are great and I loved it when they finally got together but Luke and Lorelai will always win. I loved them and Gilmore Girls is one of my all time favorite shows. Plus, you gotta love that their kiss is interrupted by a naked, screaming Kirk. =)

    • Robin

      Hi Dani! Thanks so much for stopping by today!

      I know! I love that their kiss is interrupted. It cracks me up every time. And I might be one of the few people who has never watched The Office. *ducks under table* (I didn’t even tell Jennifer that!) LOL

  2. I still need to check out those clips, but what about the kiss tease? Barely brushing your lips across his (hers) in just the softest, barely there touch. Not quite a kiss, but a prelude to a great one! Whoo-hoo! Off to write that now. LOL.

  3. Michelle Harlan

    Difficult choice today…but I’ll have to go with Luke and Lorelai.
    My favorite lead-in to a kiss is the soft stroke of the hand against someone’s face. Not necessarily the hand either. I love when my husband just runs one finger along the side of my face & then over to trace my lips before he leans in for a kiss. Makes me sigh just thinking about it.

    • Robin

      Hi Michelle! You totally just made me sigh! Your hubby sounds like a true romantic. :)

      And yay for Luke and Lorelai! Thanks so much for commenting and casting your vote!

  4. Whew! What a way to start a Monday morning. I read the 5 Ways to Score a Kiss, but none of them worked on my cat. I may have better luck tonight when Hubs gets home. :)

  5. Sandii

    Oh, tough choice. My heart was in my throat watching Jim and Pam I hadn’t seen that before. The anguish in his eyes. The kiss made that build-up all the worth while but I have to go with Luke and Lorelai, because he’d been such a dude about the lead up. Laughed at ‘I bought you flowers.’

    I love you five ways to score a kiss. I shall try them on hubs and see what response I get. Might be a long wait… :-D

    • Robin

      Hi Sandii! Woot! Another Luke and Lorelai vote. (Yes, I might be a little competitive.) And I so wish you could try these on your hubby right now! Soon though. Just think about how much he’s going to jonesing to lock lips with ya! You probably won’t have to do a thing!

  6. Jbst

    Both of the kisses are great and have such a nice emotional build up for each of them. I’d had to choose Luke and Lorelei. I liked your five ways to score a kiss and can’t think of anything more to add.

  7. Not an easy choice to make, both scenes were great. As for my favourite kissing scene I’M not picky: I love it when the h/H are arguing and when they take a breath and pant just jump on each other :-D But it’s also nice when there are lingering glances and furtive touches and then a tender sweet kiss. Or when they bump noses and laugh at the clumsiness but still go for that toe-curling kiss *sighs* Told you, I’m not picky, I love a great kissing scene :-D

  8. Robin

    Hi Stella! I love all your examples! There are so many great ways to build up to a kiss and I think it’s really all about the people involved! Thanks for stopping by!

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