Happy Thursday! Okay, so I went to my favorite store, Barnes & Noble, and with Octoberquest on my mind, stopped in front of this shelf to select a new author to read.


There are so, so many wonderful romance authors I’ve yet to read, but two things had me picking the book I did. The first was the author herself. I met Shirley Jump this past August at the RWA conference. We were standing in line at Starbucks and she said hello to me first – by name! Holy crap! She recognized me from FB, where we’re friends – and she was the nicest, nicest person! I tried not to go too fan girl on her, and we chatted for a bit and I couldn’t stop smiling at her. I’m thinking it wasn’t my stalker smile since she didn’t make a quick escape. So anyway, that’s the first reason – she rocks! The second reason I chose her book (which is in the top right hand corner of the bookshelf, by the way) is the cover:

The-Sweetheart-Secret-medIt reminded me of this cover that I have a pretty big soft spot for:

WildAboutHerWingman-SmallI’m one of those goofy people that takes little things like this as a sign and so my new author this month is Shirley Jump, with her new book, The Sweetheart Secret. I would love, love, love it, if you wanted to read the book with me this month! I’m thinking we can meet back here the last week of October to discuss. Even if Shirley isn’t a new read for you, join me!

So tell me, who are one or two of your favorite authors? Who must I include in my TBR pile?

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  1. Sue G.

    I have never heard of Shirley Jump, but 1.) always looking for new authors and 2.) my mom’s name is Shirley! Maybe it’s a sign! ;)

    I love how you had the same characters on your covers. That is too funny.

    My auto buy is Carly Phillips. I have loved everything she has written.

    • Robin

      Sue, Carly was the first ever romance author I read! I love her books too! I hope you’ll join me in reading Shirley’s book!

  2. That book looks great. Thanks for the recommendation! Some of my favorite authors are Allison Winn Scotch, Sarah Pekkanen, Emily Giffin, and Sarah McCoy. They’re all must-reads for me! :)

    • Robin

      You’re welcome, Shari! I’ll have to check out your list of authors – I’m only familiar with Emily Giffin. Thank you!

  3. elena k

    they are both great covers! it was surely a sign! I have so many favorite authors but I cannot not recommend mia sheridan! I love her books!

  4. Anne

    I do like Shirley’s writing, but she not a must read for me. If I spot one, I’ll pick it up and read it. My two favorite authors right now are Ilona Andrews (wife/husband duo) and Patricia Briggs. They both write urban fantasy. I’m not a must read of either though. I don’t read Andrews’ Edge series or Briggs’ pure fantasy.

    Diane Kelly’s humorous Tara Holloway mysteries are a treat. For romance, I like Katie Reus’ contemporaries and PNRs. Just finished the 4 books in Gayle Trent’s Cake Decorating series and liked them too and it was sad to find out there’s no more. I also read her cozies as Amanda Lee.

    • Robin

      Hi Anne! Thanks for your current list of authors. I love that I’m being introduced to so many new writers. I enjoy urban fantasy. My very favorite are Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files. Have you read those?

      • Anne

        Oh, yes. I have read all of the Dresden books and listened to them all at work on audio book several times. They’re narrated (except for one) by James Marsters (aka Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel). He wasn’t that good at first, but he started really getting into the character voices after the first one or two. A Dresden book is a must read, but I haven’t read any of his straight fantasy.

        I also liked the short lived tv show with Paul Blackthorne (who’s now on Arrow).

        I’ve also read many of his wife Shannon’s romances, both romantic suspense and paranormal. She’s not a must read, but if I read the blurb and it sounds really good I’ll get it. I have her latest PNR (Falling Blind)on my request list at the library.

        • Robin

          I didn’t know James Marsters narrated the Dresden books! I have a serious crush on Harry Dresden. I’m a bit behind on my reading though, and need to catch up with the last two books. I haven’t read any of Jim’s fantasy books either. My hubby has, though and he didn’t like them half as much as the Dresden series. Very different voice, he said.

          I liked the show too! I actually watched the show before I read the books and that’s why I started reading them, so to me Harry is Paul Blackthorne, which means I have a crush on Paul. ;) And I didn’t know he was on Arrow. I’ll have to check it out now!

          I’ve read a couple of Shannon’s books, too – her first ones. I enjoyed them. But gosh, with not a lot of reading time, and so many great authors, I haven’t read her in a while.

          Anne, we are now bonded by Harry forever. :)

  5. Marcy Shuler

    I’ve read Shirley’s Harlequin books but I don’t think I’ve ready any of her single title stories…though I know I own some of her e-books already. LOL

    Some new must reads for me are Laura Kaye (her Hard Ink series is fabulous!) and Joanna Wylde (her Reapers MC books are gritty and a bit raw, but I do love them. The first MC books I’ve read).

    I also love Jill Shalvis, Kristan Higgins and Susan Mallery. Catherine Gayle has a hockey romance series (Portland Storm) that I’ve fallen in love with because she deals with difficult topics along with hockey and I was never a hockey fan before reading them. ;)

  6. Robin

    Hi Marcy! I haven’t read Laura’s Hard Ink series – yet. I have the first book and need to get on that! I’ve read a couple of her other books, though, and loved them. Jill Shalvis is my most favorite contemporary author – I love every single word she writes! I adore Kristan Higgins too. I’ll have to check out Catherine’s hockey series. I haven’t read her and I love sports romances!

  7. Christine

    Two of my favourite authors are Molly O’Keefe and Cara McKenna. And recently I discovered Claire Kent, who is also quite fabulous!

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