Happy October! So I thought I’d have a little fun this month and put my own spin on Octoberfest. I’m calling it Octoberquest. What the heck does that mean, you ask? Well, it means I’m on a quest this month. A quest to try new things. Whether it be trying a new recipe, eating at a new restaurant, doing something I’ve never done before, reading a new author… you get the idea.

I’m going to share my adventures with you here on my blog and on Facebook and Twitter. AND, I’d love to have you join me! It’s always more fun doing things with friends, so if you want to try new things this month too, that would be awesome. Report back here with what you’re up to and I’ll cheer you on and high five your accomplishments.

Also joining me on my Octoberquest are some of my heroes and heroines from my books! They’ll be stopping in throughout the month. So if you haven’t read my books, you’ll get a peek at my characters that I hope makes you want to read more. And for you awesome readers who’ve already read their stories (thank you!!!!), I hope you’ll enjoy hearing from them again.

This is going to be such a great month! To say thanks for sharing it with me, for every comment from October 1 – October 31, you’ll be entered to win a $25.00 gift card to the online store of your choice! The winner’s name will be posted here on November 1st.








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    • Robin

      Hi Shari! I’m looking forward to it! You’ll have to come back and share something new you’ve tried, okay?

  1. Rachel Hamilton

    What an awesome idea. I love it. :-) I will try to step out of my box at least once this month. Thank you for prompting me to do it.

    • Robin

      Hi Rach! Yay! Okay, I expect to hear back from you on something new you’ve tried. You’ve got 30 more days! :yes:

  2. Winnie

    Trying out new things is definitely great. Foodwise, I’m not so adventurous but I love trying out new books especially those recommended by authors that I enjoy reading. Good luck to your Octoberquest :)

    • Robin

      Hi Winnie! Thank you! I’m planning on picking a new author to read and I hope people will join me in reading the book! Then maybe we can discuss!

  3. Anne

    Will there be beer drinking? Oops, that’s Octoberfest. I’m more about the hot, soft pretzels anyway.

    • Robin

      Oh, Anne, I bet you’re so fun to hang out with! I love hot, soft pretzels! Beer? Not so much. BUT, I think some Octoberfest is on my agenda of new things this month. I’ll be the designated driver. :)

  4. What a great idea Robin! I have a couple of things I was planning to do already that really fit this theme.

    It’s a long story but a friend of mine introduced me to Espionage Cosmetics earlier this year and I fell in love with the company and its inclusive message. They’re on the tail end of a kickstarter campaign to help the company put out a new line of nail wraps. I went in BIG financially to support it… but to be honest… I’ve worn nail wraps once. Ever. lol So I decided I was going to practice using them so when the rewards come in I can wear them like a pro.

    The other thing is more blog related. I always feel pulled in many directions social media wise but I recently got more into Instagram. Yesterday I found a picture-a-day challenge for the month that focuses on books every day. A couple of my fave bloggers are participating so I thought I’d join in. Hopefully it will help me meet more readers/bloggers while being fun.

    • Robin

      Hi Rhianna! Best of luck with the nail wraps! And the Instagram challenge sounds awesome! I’m not on there because I can barely keep up with social media as it is, but now I wish I was – just to see all the books! I hope you have a blast. High five on doing some new things this month!! I hope you’ll stop back and report how things are going.

  5. erinf1

    Best of luck to you and your adventures :) I’m also looking forward to hearing what you’re up to. I’m…. actually taking some time off to *finally* unpack my books about moving a year and a half ago and tackle the soaring TBR pile.

    • Robin

      Hi Erin! Thank you! Oh, have fun reading this month! I hope you come across a book/author that’s new to you or you forgot you had – that’s always fun!

  6. elena k

    what an amazing idea robin! cannot wait to see what you’ll try. on saturday I tasted for the first time mexican food, I was skeptical because I dislike spicy food but those we chose were really good! now I am going to try to make it at home. fingers crossed :-*

    • Robin

      Hi Elena! You know, I was wondering about the Mexican food! I didn’t know they had that in Greece! I’m glad you liked it. And knowing what a great cook you are, I’m sure you’ll make something yummy! Will you stop back here and share a recipe? :)

      p.s. I don’t like spicy food either, but I do love Mexican food. I just get everything mild.

  7. Lindsey V.

    Thank you so much for the post and giveaway! Fingers crossed. :-)

    I hope you find lots of new things to try this month, and if you’re interested in new recipes, you should try this one for a great chocolate cake with a twist:

    Combine one box of chocolate cake mix with one 15 ounce can of pumpkin puree and 1/2 cup of cooled coffee. Add to a bundt pan or a 9×13 pan and bake in a 350° oven as per cake package directions.

    *****Make sure you use pumpkin PUREE and not pumkin pie filling.

    Leave plain or top with a frosting of your choice when cooled. Or, like I do, just top with a little bit of cool whip before serving.

    This cake is so good, super moist, and even a little healthier because you don’t add eggs or oil. You can make this recipe with any flavor of cake mix you want. We’ve tried spice cake and enjoyed it, but we still like the chocolate best.

    And if you go the spice cake route, you can make an apple cider glaze to top the cake with: whisk two tablespoons apple cider, one teaspoon vanilla extract, 1/2 cup powdered sugar together. If too thick, add a little more cider; if too thin, add more powdered sugar until desired consistency. Drizzle over cake and enjoy!

    Thanks again for the giveaway. :-)

    • Robin

      Hi Lindsey! Oh my gosh! I am SO trying this recipe!! I love cake. I love chocolate and pumpkin and coffee!! This recipe is right up my alley! Thanks so much for sharing it! Baking is one of my favorite things to do.

      And you’re welcome – thank you for stopping by! I hope to see you again!

      • Lindsey V.

        Well, I hope you enjoy it! I love these types of easy and yummy recipes, and the fact that this cake has only three ingredients is great, too. I love baking with pumpkin, but I tend to only do it in the fall, so it’s an extra special treat. :-)

        I’ll definitely have to check out your site again and see what new things you’ve tried. :-)

        • Robin

          I love when there are few ingredients, Lindsey. This is seriously the perfect recipe! Thanks again for sharing it. :-)

  8. Tina M

    Love learning and doing new adventures. Can’t wait to read all about yours. My first adventure is going to be me getting back on a bike and take a ride with my grandson. It’s been years!! :shock:

    • Robin

      Hi Tina! Yay on getting back on a bike! I hope you have a wonderful time with your grandson and please come back and let us know how much fun it was!

  9. Love your adventuresome spirit. October is my birthmonth so it’s always about setting new plans, goals, for the next year. Maybe I can steal, ah borrow, some of yours. : )

    • Robin

      Hi Roben! Happy almost-birthday! I definitely think you need to do something new this month! Wish we lived closer so I could join you in some new fun! Please feel free to steal, ah borrow, anything of mine!

  10. Jillian

    So we comment here? Man, we’re pretty boring people, lol… I’m hoping to get my kids to a pumpkin farm or something. We’ve never done it. Hard to. My most adventurous day consists of taking a shower AND shaving my legs. I’m a rebel. Lol

    • Robin

      LOL Jillian! Oh, I remember those days. I’m thinking your kids are young. I highly recommend the pumpkin patch. When my boys were little, we’d go every year and it was so much fun. If it’s too hard, though, maybe you could buy a pumpkin at the market and your new thing could be carving a face on it that you’ve never carved before? Keep me posted, okay?

  11. Zonell Conant

    Octoberquest sounds like just the thing for me. Looking forward to hearing about your success as well :-)

  12. Sharlene Wegner

    Well, my husband just found out his cholesterol is high, and my weight is up, so I think we will have to do a family change of diet. I am sure it will include new recipes!

    • Robin

      Hi Sharlene! You know, there are so many really delicious recipes now that are healthy. I hope if you find one you love, you’ll come back and share it! And best of luck to you and your hubby! *hugs*

    • Robin

      Hey bn! I have to say, I’m so happy that so many people stopped by to comment! You guys have all inspired me!

  13. Ada

    Have fun with you Octoberquest, Robin! I would join you except I really suck at trying new things lol New things and change are the things in life that always through me for a loop! But I’ll be cheering you on!

    • Robin

      Thanks so much, Ada! Hey, sometimes loops are good. Maybe we can ease you into something new, like a recipe or author. Stay tuned! Or wait, did you see Lindsey’s recipe above? That’s an awesome place to start!

  14. Sue G.

    How fun! I’m not really daring when it comes to trying new food but I love finding new authors. I just finished Black Lies by Alessandra Torre and OMG! I have never read anything by her before but this book just blew me away! Totally NOT what I expected.

  15. What a fun idea! I’m the least adventurous person ever when it comes to food, but I love the thought of trying new authors. Count me in! :)

  16. Sue G.

    Well I decided to try baked potato soup. I have never wanted to try it because I know it has a lot of calories, but I thought I try it. Well it was ok but not enough that I would get it again.

    • Robin

      Sue, I’ve never tried baked potato soup. I love baked potatoes, though! Yay for trying something new! At least it wasn’t awful. LOL And now you know you don’t have to have it again. *high five*

  17. Mary M.

    Our new family adventure is getting the house ready for a new puppy. Puppy potty training, here we come!

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