Today’s Blog Bonanza letter is O. (For those of you just joining me, I’m doing alphabet themed blog posts with the letters from my upcoming release, WORTH THE RISK.)

Check out the ocean on these two gorgeous covers! I so want to be on a beach right now!


I am thrilled to have my friend and author of these two books, Anne Kemp, on my blog today! Welcome, Anne! ALL FRUITS RIPE is the novella prequel (and her debut!) to RUM PUNCH REGRETS, the first novel in Anne’s Abby George series. The novella is a quick read designed to give readers insight into who Abby is. It’s available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! The novel will be available on May 25th ~ just in time for the Memorial Day weekend. Here’s the blurb for RUM PUNCH REGRETS:

In just a few short weeks, thirty something Abby George has endured the death of her mother, was dumped by her fiancé, and got laid off from her job. Stunned and seeking a shoulder to cry on, she turns to her perfect older sister, Leigh. But instead of comfort, Abby receives a surprise: Leigh needs her in the Caribbean to help with some mysterious personal business.

While assisting in the sale and repair of a bed-and-breakfast, Abby uncovers a few huge family secrets as she juggles an unexpected roommate, quirky locals, and nasty centipedes. Abby’s world is further complicated when two potential suitors enter her life. Can Abby get beyond her own psychodrama long enough to open her heart to someone new? Or will she neurotically make her romantic life worse?

Packing nothing but her suitcases and a sense of humor, Abby George travels down an unfamiliar road, but it’s all she can do to hang on for the ride…

Or will she wake up with “Rum Punch Regrets?”

This is your debut! Huge congrats, Anne! Will you tell us your “call” story? My call was an accident. I went to my now agent, Cynthia Manson, with my first three chapters for her to look over and to ask her advice. We spoke on the phone, it was a great call and we left it at “talk to you soon.” Imagine my surprise when she called me a few months later and asked where the manuscript was. She was waiting for it to read and somehow I had missed that part during our conversation!  I was elated – and then panicked as I had to finish my book ASAP!

What inspired you to start writing? How did you come up with this series of books for your main character, Abby? I had the chance to live on St. Kitts in the Caribbean in 2009. It was a time when I was a little lost (after being laid-off) and needed an outlet. Luckily for me, the island provided for lots of inspiration as well as ideas for characters and stories!

You live in Los Angeles and have had some pretty cool jobs, please share a Hollywood story with us! There are so many, but one of my favorite moments was when I was asked to clap on Michael Jackson’s album, Invincible. It was soooo cool to get to be a part of that moment.

Write the autobiography of your life in a sentence using at least three of these words: guerilla, deja vu, fiction, truth, lightning, time, ending, dreams, coffee, chocolate. Although I love to write fiction, I’m a firm believer in truth and living our time here as though we’re always in the midst of a chocolate daydream while we skip towards a happy ending! (I think I did more than three!)

What do your books sound like? (Describe them as if they were a song.) I think the books have a fun sound – very eclectic! Moments when Abby is interacting with locals on the island would be highlighted with steel drums or fun Marley-esque island music. Other times, such as when she is with J.D. or Andrew, I hear Coldplay or Rocco DeLuca. And when Abby’s alone reflecting, I’d go with Florence + the Machine, Travis and Keane, oh and some Lilly Allen.There would be instrumental pieces that speak to the tone of her relationship with Leigh when they are together, how they are relating to one another at the moment!

If you could invent one writing related superpower, what would it be and why? I want to fully master the art of multi-tasking! One of the most important aspects of a new book is the marketing. Publishers want to see authors out there participating in social media, while we write our next book and make any edits on our present work all while still being people with lives, families and things to do!

Speed round:
One word you hate: cluster
Word you love: Yes!
What’s on your nightstand? my Kindle, Chapstick, lamp and a candle
Cocktails at five with any actor – who? Oh wow…either Gary Oldman or Johnny Depp. Both men I admire for their versatility in their careers and their dedication to their craft.
Favorite food: Cheese. Hands down, cheese.
Favorite weather: Spring mornings when it’s sunny and we’re about to tiptoe into summer. The smells and the flowers are the best!
Favorite movie: Wizard of Oz – I wanted those ruby slippers sooo much!
Stranded on a desert island with Hugh Jackman or stranded in a book store with Stephen King? My analytical brain goes for stranded in a bookstore with Stephen King – I think we’d have fun hanging out – I know I’d love to just pick his brain and bother him with a million questions!
Favorite travel destination: Anywhere, really – my passport is always at hand and ready to go! Fave spots over the years have been St. Kitts, Jamaica and South Africa. Cape Town is stunning.
Friend you can call to help you hide the body: I’m so lucky that I have great friends – I can think of a few that would help with that! However, I’d call JW, my bro-phew (he’s my nephew by blood, but he’s more like a little brother!) He’s always been there for me and has been my hero many times over. And since he’s family, I wouldn’t feel so guilty asking for help!

Thanks so much for being here, Anne! In honor of Anne’s debut, I’m giving away one digital copy of ALL FRUITS RIPE. Leave me a comment and you’re entered to win! I’ll post the winner tomorrow. Yes, I’ll be back tomorrow with the letter “R.”

Anne Kemp is the author of the Abby George Series, which includes her debut novella, All Fruits Ripe releasing April 6th and first novel, Rum Punch Regrets, releasing May 25th. She is also the columnist behind “Anne In Progress,” which appears monthly in the Frederick News-Post, a newspaper in the DC-Metro area. As a blogger, she is known for penning “Life My Way” and “The Ultimate Late Bloomer.” Her original and honest sense of humor used in her columns and blogs earned her a Bloggers Choice Nomination for Best Humor Blog in 2010. Anne is available for book club discussions of either her novella or book (or both!) via Skype, telephone or she’ll visit in person if she can. She welcomes any and all invitations to your events! A portion of Anne’s book revenue is donated to Lupus LA.

Anne can be found at, on twitter at @MissAnneKemp, and on Facebook at

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  1. Cheryl S.

    Based on Ms. Kemps answers to the questions, her writing style seems to be one I’d enjoy. I’ll be on the lookout for her debut novel. Thanks for introducing her to us.

  2. What a great interview. I’m loving the cover art work, Anne, it’s so cheerful. Makes me want to slip on a bathing suit and head to the pool. : )
    Congrats! on the release and I’ll look forward to the read.

    • Robin

      Hi Roben! Can I join you at the pool? I bet you’ve got perfect pool weather right now. My son is actually heading to your neck of the woods later this week for Coachella.

      Thanks a bunch for stopping by!

      • I’ll meet you two at the pool – I’ll grab us some drinks with cute umbrellas in them! Actually on St. Kitts most bars serve cocktails in plastic cups, because they make them so strong people are always dropping them!! :)

    • Robin

      Hi Charlene! I love learning more about writers I know too! There’s also some new bit of info that I didn’t know before. Thanks for being here!

    • Robin

      Hi Caryn! I keep looking at Anne’s covers and wishing I was on an island somewhere! Book in one hand, tropical drink in the other! Thanks for popping in!

      • Thank you the compliment Caryn! Maybe you can join Robin and I as we have out fruity drinks on the beach later…Wouldn’t it be great if it WAS that easy? :)

  3. Robin – I cannot say thank you to you enough! This was by far the most unique interview I have ever seen :) Thank you for hosting me and sharing my work with your followers! You are the sweetest and kindest in the world!

    XO – Anne

    • Robin

      Hi Anne! It’s been my pleasure! You are pretty darn awesome, and I’m so thrilled for you! I hope these next several weeks are wonderful!

  4. Sorry I’m late! I’ve been multitasking, and that means most of what I do is crap! So, Anne, when you discover the key to perfect multitasking, please share it with me!

    I loved the interview, fun to learn more about you, and creative with Robin’s questions. I’ve got your prequel on my Kindle and will read it when I set out for vacation later this month.

    • Hey Lynne! Thank you for coming by – it was so much fun to do this interview – the questions were great :) Enjoy your vacation – and thank you for downloading a copy!

  5. Robin

    Hi Lynne! You’re not late! We’re partying all day! Thanks for adding me to your tasks today. :) And absolutely nothing you do is crap, my friend!

    Where are you going vacation? Can I sneak in your suitcase?

  6. Great concept, Anne – prologue-ish novella to a series; genius! Also, your courage to hang with Stephen King is impressive; he scares me. Perhaps I’ve read one his books too many :/

    Robin, love your questions and alphabetical blogging plan. Great post!

    • Robin

      Hi Niki! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting! Anne is a genius, isn’t she?

      My alphabetical blogging plan has been fun so far and it’s a great feeling knowing I’ve got things planned for the next couple of weeks. I’m thinking maybe every month I’ll follow this idea. It takes the guess work out of what to post. :)

    • Thank you Niki – I can’t claim full credit. My publishers wanted to do a novella to start but I liked just doing an extended prologue or mini-novella to warm people up :) I’m so glad oyu liked it – thanks for stopping by!

  7. Lynne may not have been late, but I sure am!! Been meaning to get here all day! Great, great interview! Loved it. (Robin, how do you keep coming up with such great questions?!) Congrats Anne! Wishing you much success!!

    • Thanks Dee J.! I have to say that Robin’s questions were the best ever – I loved that interview so much that I kept rereading her questions before I even answered. She’s such a genius with her format :)

  8. Robin

    Hi Dee! I’m so happy you made it ~ thanks! And I’m smiling that you liked the questions. Guess I’m just a natural asker. LOL

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