There’s a quote by Albert Einstein… “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”

Albert, I hate to tell you, but in my little corner of the world, the past couple of weeks have been crazy-everything-happen-at-once days. The celebrations have continued for my novella, Worth the Risk, and I just want to thank everyone again for their amazing support. It means so much to me. xoxo

Summer means my boys are home – which is awesome – but every time I get in a good writing and/or editing groove, I’m no doubt interrupted by a request for food, followed by complaints that there isn’t enough food. This scenario repeats an hour later. I’m also called in to kill spiders, drive places, and find things that are lost (only they’re not, it’s just a matter of moving something out of the way). They also like to bug me, just for the heck of it.

Next week, though, they’ll have to manage without Mom, because I’ll be at the RWA conference! I’m super excited to see writer pals I haven’t seen in a long time, attend workshops, fan-girl squee when I see my favorite authors, and meet new friends. I hope to get in some writing and reading, too. Entangled has just launched two new lines – Brazen and Covet – and I can’t wait to read these new stories! There are seriously SO many novels in my TBR pile that I need more hours in the day. Ahem, Mr. Einstein.

Now, on to the winners of my Summer Giveaway! Huge thanks to everyone who participated! You all rock! Selected by, the winner of the Brighton bracelet is Deanna G. Congrats Deanna! And the winner of the $66 gift card is Mary Preston. Congrats Mary! Winners, please email me so I can get your prizes to you! One quick shout out to Samantha D – you rocked the tweets for me and I appreciate it so much! Please email me, too, and I’m going to send you something!



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  1. It seems there are never enough hours in the day anymore — but when they’re all filled with wonderful things, that’s totally okay :) So glad your whirlwind has been a great one!

    Also – super jealous that you get to go to RWA! Have a blast!

    • Robin

      Hi Shari! I’m typing this comment at 1:35 AM! That’s how crazy my days have been. Thanks for always being here – you always bring a smile to my face. :) And if I don’t fall asleep on my feet at RWA, I’m sure I will have a blast! Hope all is well with you! xo

    • Robin

      Hi Deanna! Congratulations! Thanks so much for participating and please let me know when you get the bracelet! I hope you love it!

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