I thought I’d dedicate this week to Wild About Her Wingman by sharing a couple of wild things I’ve done that are right up Troy and Erin’s alley. I truly loved writing their story and would love to go on an adventure with them! And being that Troy is a rescue paramedic, I’d feel safe knowing he could rescue me if need be! (I have been known to walk into walls that, you know, have been in the same place for years.) And hey, since Memorial Day weekend is coming up and the great outdoors are beckoning, how about we celebrate with a giveaway, too? Follow the rafflecopter below to up your chances of winning!


First up, this is me going ATVing. Check out how big that ATV is! There was a big group of us and as long as the road was flat and straight, I rocked it. But uh, when things got a little crazy – meaning the road twisted, turned and majorly dipped – I sort of lost my balance. Let’s call it ATV tipping. That sounds cool, right? Because after I did that, the guys in charge of our group made me abandon my ride and double up with my hubby. Which actually worked out great since I got to wrap my arms around his waist. :)


This next picture is me on take-off doing one of my most favorite things – zip lining! Oh, I love soaring through the air! I feel totally secure in my harness and love to hang on with only one hand and do a few upside down moves. So fun!


So what about you? What wild things do you like to do or want to try? Leave me a comment and you’ll be entered to win a $10.00 gift card to the store of your choice! Follow the rafflecopter to increase your chances. One winner will be chosen and their name posted on Tuesday, May 27th! Thanks for participating!

Have an awesome – and maybe wild? – week!

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24 responses to “Let’s Get Wild + A Giveaway!

  1. Rachel Hamilton

    ATV riding I get, but hanging in the air by a zip line is crazy. But I’m sure if I had Troy by my side it would make it tolerable. Or in the least is have eye candy to look at ;)

    I’m not a wild person, at all. But my wildest adventure would be to travel to New Orleans one day. I could get lost there.

    • Robin

      Hey Rachel! Troy says he’ll meet you for zip lining any time! Oh, and let’s meet in New Orleans one day, okay? I’ve never been there. We can eat beignets and get lost together. :-)

  2. elena k

    I don’t think I have done anything wild but I like the idea of rock climbing.I admire though people that like extreme sports. :fighterf:

    • Robin

      Hi Elena! You should totally rock climb some time, then! I have to say, that’s the one thing I’m not sure I’d try. I guess if I’m harnessed in, it would be okay, but I think I much prefer that free feeling that zip lining gives you.

  3. Linda Townsend

    Earlier this year, I did the Wild Safari Trek at Disney. Now I want to zip line and hopefully will soon!

    • Robin

      Hi Linda! That Wild Safari Trek looks awesome! Yay for zip lining! I have a feeling you’re going to love it!

    • Robin

      Hi Robena! You know, as I get older, I’m getting less afraid to try things! Go figure. Maybe it’s the “life’s too short” thing, but I’m ready for adventure!

  4. Kim M

    I think the consensus is that you’re TOO wild for us. I’m totally boring and completely a safe girl. But the stuff looks fun.

    • Robin

      Ha, Kim! Like I said, I’m getting wilder in my older age. LOL And come on, everyone! I’ll lead us on an adventure!

    • Robin

      Hi Cami! I had a blast – zip lining that is. The ATV riding I don’t really need to do again. It sounds like you’ve been ATV riding – I’m glad it was fun!

  5. Sue G.

    I have ridden ATV’s. I love JetSkiing, waterskiing. I have never tried zip lining, but would love to. Looks fun!

    • Robin

      Hi Sue! Oh, I love jet skiing!! The faster the better. ;-) And I love parasailing. Have you ever done that? It’s awesome. I hope you get to try zip lining!

  6. Michelle Harlan

    I have to admit, ATV’s terrify me. I’ve seen too many accidents! Zip lining, however, is right up my alley! I was waiting to hit my “goal weight” before I attempted it (sort of a reward), but decided that it’s happening this summer. No matter what! My son has agreed to go with me(he’s my roller coaster buddy) and I’m so excited. I know he’s always up for an adventure. We’re the 2 that will climb off of ledges when we go on hikes, terrifying my husband and daughter.
    Here’s to all of us embracing a little adventure in our lives!

    • Robin

      Hi Michelle! I’m so excited for you to go zip lining with your son! You must tell me how it goes. I really think you’ll love it! Let out a “Woot!” for me, okay?

      I think the two of us could definitely have some fun together!

  7. Marcy Shuler

    I’ve been snowmobiling and I used to ride a minibike. Sometimes I think I could try skydiving. My hubby has done it. But then I get too scared. LOL

    • Robin

      Hi Marcy! Sky diving is on my list! My younger son wants to do it for his 18th birthday, so that’s what I’m waiting for. I know I’ll be terrified, but I figure I’m strapped onto an expert skydiver, right? The thing I’m most worried about is actually being sick. I suffer from motion sickness and hope I feel okay on the plane – and then in the sky. How embarrassing would that be if I… I’m not even gonna say it.

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