Happy February 29th!

I’m really excited to have one of my favorite people on my blog today: Dee J. Adams! Dee’s second book in her Adrenaline Highs series for Carina Press, DANGER ZONE, released last week. I’m reading it now and I’m just gonna say this – Quinn is mine. (What? Dee is nudging me. Oh, okay.) Because it’s Leap Day, I’m going to share him and give away a digital copy of DANGER ZONE to one lucky commenter. Details below, because I can’t wait for you to get to know Dee better!

In her ten-year career as a stuntwoman, Ellie Morgan has experienced her share of thrills. None compares to the rush of being behind the wheel of a race car for her latest movie shoot. Certain she was born to race, Ellie’s ready to shift gears—but a secret from her past holds her back.
Quinn Reynolds is tired of being in the driver’s seat of his family’s company, Formula Racing Design. He’s ready to sell—if he can get his co-owner and brother, Mac, to agree. Quinn’s not sure what he wants to do with his future, but almost as soon as he meets Ellie, he knows he wants her to be part of it.
Though Ellie tries to resist her attraction to the charming businessman, she’s quickly in danger of losing her heart. But after narrowly escaping “accidents” both on and off the set, it becomes clear that getting involved with Quinn could be downright deadly…

Before we get to the questions, I want to thank Robin for inviting me to her beautiful blog! Isn’t it gorgeous? So Zen and absolutely relaxing. (Don’t mind me if I take a nap while you guys check out the interview. <G>) Robin might have a tough time getting me out the door. I like it here. Yes, I know…on with the questions. (Aww, thanks, Dee! You’re welcome any time!)

You’ve worked in television for many years and met some hunky actors. Can you share a favorite story with us? Maybe one with a certain George Clooney?

I have a few George stories. Some sweet, some funny. This is one of my favorites. My husband had worked with him on a pilot. (It was Bonnie Hunt’s first sitcom.) I hadn’t seen George in about 2 or 3 years at that point. (Not since he left Roseanne during the second season.) I hadn’t been able to get to the set when they were filming and I missed him, but I was at the premiere party (at the director’s house) when the front door opened and in walked George. He glanced around the room, (keep in mind this was a giant house filled with people) saw me and his eyes widened. He smiled and made a bee line straight for me. Gave me a big hug. To say that he made me a very happy woman would be an understatement. The fact that there was a room full of people hoping/expecting him to show and he came straight to me… well… it made my year. LOL. Probably my decade.

Okay, now that we’ve got George out of the way, who would you cast as Quinn Reynolds in the movie version of Danger Zone?

When I wrote Quinn, I had a very specific face (and body) in my mind, but I hadn’t seen anyone beforehand that might be Quinn. Jed Hill is a model I saw after I wrote the book. He is gorgeous. Totally Quinn. He was spot on what I had in my head. If he can act… he’s got the job! If he can’t act, then I’d have to go with my current favorite. Ryan Reynolds. (And we just have to pretend he’s a little buffer and has darker hair. <G>) (Oh, I love Ryan Reynolds!)

You get to name a new ice cream flavor inspired by Danger Zone. The name and flavor is…

Chocolate Adrenaline.

Would you rather kayak down a waterfall or be strapped to the roof of a race car hitting 3 G’s?

That one’s easy. I’m terrified of water so I’d have to be strapped to the roof of a race car and just hope Trace Bradshaw is driving. <G> (And also hope that no one is around with any oil balloons!)

There’s Fantasy Football. And Fantasy Baseball. Let’s play Fantasy Book Club. Who’s with you and what are you going to talk about?

OMG! Fantasy Book Club! I LOVE this! Ready? Suzanne Brockmann, Linda Howard, Cindy Gerard, Tara Janzen, Cherry Adair and we’re all talking about romantic suspense. <chills down my back!> Perfection. (Can I come too, please?)

You’re stranded in the middle of the desert ~ who you gonna call?

Ghostbusters! (Sorry. You had to know I was going there. LOL.) Gotta call the guy who brought me to the dance. My husband, Sean. He’d pick me up and have my favorite with him. A chai latte. Love that man. (I was hoping you’d go there. :D)

Today is Leap Day! So, Dee, I present you with a frog (you know, because they leap) that you may kiss and have turn into any person you want for the entire day. Who are you wishing for and how are you going to spend the day?

With the knowledge that I love my husband with all my heart and the fact that I’m going to sound like a broken record, I’m going to wish for George, but for purely selfish reasons. You see, the man has enough clout in Hollywood to make my books into movies. So, after our breakfast of really delicious donuts we’re going to map out a road to production. Does he want to write the screenplay or farm it out? (I sure as hell don’t want to!) We pick a director. (My husband. See I’m not all bad. George can be an executive producer.) We cast it and schedule production so even after my day is over (and poor George is back to his green froggy self) the movie has to be made because… because… um… okay, I guess the movie gets scrubbed, but it was a fun day, right?

Finish this sentence… Leapin’ Lizards! I can’t believe…

It isn’t butter!
I know. You were looking for something with more pizzazz. That’s all I got.

Thanks so much for being here, Dee! This is the best Leap Day ever!

To be entered to win a digital copy of DANGER ZONE, now it’s your turn. If you could kiss a frog and have him (or her) turn into anyone, who would it be? Tell me in the comments and a winner will be randomly chosen and posted next Wednesday, March 7th.

About Dee J. Adams:
I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. After graduating high school, I moved to Los Angeles and tried to make it in show biz. I got enough acting work to pay the rent and keep the S.A.G. card. (Screen Actors Guild in case anyone is wondering.) I also worked as a Dialogue Coach in sitcoms. (That’s code for acting coach and also means I helped the actors learn their lines.) Writing came as a fluke. After a very intense dream (I apparently couldn’t stop talking about), my husband said, “Just write it down.” Prophetic words I took it to heart. Three weeks and fourteen hours a day later, I had a 450 page handwritten novel. And so it began.
I am lucky to be married to the love of my life and we have one beautiful daughter. She was and continues to be perfect so I saw no reason for others! I like kick-ass heroines and big stories. I like to read them and I like to write them. I like romance, adventure, a little mystery and happy endings. Romance is the perfect genre for me.


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  1. I loved this blog! What fun. I totally see Ryan Reynolds for Quinn, and who said he isn’t buff enough? Have you seen him lately?

    The Clooney story made me go all gooey inside.

    Just wanted to stop by and comment, but I already have Dee J’s books, so good luck to some lucky winner. You’re gonna love this book.

    • Hi Lynne,

      Actually, I haven’t seen him lately. Apparently I’m missing out, huh? Going to have to fix that soon! Yes, the Clooney story STILL makes me gooey inside. LOL. I think about it to this day. Thanks for stopping by!! And I can’t wait to get my hands on Courting His Favorite Nurse next month! Yay!

  2. What a fabulous interview, Robin. The questions are so different to the usual run of the mill, and the answers Dee J. are super-duper fun. I mean who ever in the book world gets to say they hugged George Clooney? : )

    Oh, and don’t put me in the drawing for the book as I have already purchased it, have read it, love it, will read it again.

    • Hi Robena!

      Thanks for stopping by! I agree, I loved Robin’s questions! So fun and out of the box. They made me laugh so I loved answering them. So, so thrilled you loved the book! Thank you for picking it up! Love ya!

  3. Hi Dee and Robin! Loved the George Clooney story! How wonderful to be remembered that way, by anyone, much less a famous star. I am putting your book on my TBR pile on my Kindle/Ipad. I will be reading it soon!! Enjoy the release of your second book!!

    • Hi Charlene!

      It is wonderful to be remembered – especially by people you like who you don’t get to see often! Thank you for picking up Danger Zone! I hope you enjoy it. So glad you stopped by! Always awesome to see you!

  4. Maria

    “it’s not butter.” Still laughing which is always a great way to start a day. Love the George stories although I do wish he’d date just a little older. Come on, he could have fathered Stacey. Oh well, no one is perfect.

    I need to revise, revise, revise so I can read Danger Zone. It’s on my Nook calling my name. :-D

    • Hi Maria!

      LOL. It was the first thing that came to mind and I thought, “Robin’s not looking for that.” But I stared at that question for 10 minutes and couldn’t come up with anything so I went with my first instinct. Yes, hurry and revise! I want to know what you think of Danger Zone!

  5. Ann King

    Happy Leap Day, Dee and Robin! I love frogs – especially when they turn into Clooneys. LOL! Anyway, love you and your books, Dee. Danger Zone is a great read all by itself, but even more fun if you’ve read Dangerous Race (I have, BTW)!

    Hope you have a great day, and that we won’t have to wait 4 years to see you here again! :-))

    • Hi Ann!

      Thanks for stopping by! Yes, if all frogs turned into Clooney’s I imagine they would become endangered as everyone would want one for themselves. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the books!

  6. Robin

    Hi Lynne and Robena! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    Hi Charlene! I’ve got George Clooney on the brain this morning. Not a bad way to start Leap Day. :)

    Hi Maria! LOL! Hey, there have been bigger age gaps in Hollywood’s history, right? Happy revising! I hope you get them done soon so you can read Danger Zone!

    • The age thing doesn’t bother me. But I’m prejudice. I love him so he can do what he wants. Seriously, the man hasn’t left one woman in his wake who doesn’t still like him. That takes some kind of special to be able to do that. At least they’re in their 30s and not a decade younger… right?

  7. Robin

    Hi Ann! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! Love this: “I love frogs – especially when they turn into Clooneys.” :D

    Hey ~ maybe I can get Dee to come back when Dangerously Close releases in July! Dee?

  8. Julie Goldstein

    As Dee’s friend, fan, and publicist (in that order), I heartily approve of her coming back for an encore in July! Great job on your questions and blog, Robin, and great job on your books and your answers Dee! :-D

    • Julie!!

      Hey guys, meet Julie! She is amazing! If anyone needs a friend, fan or publicist, I highly recommend her. Glad you liked the interview! It was a fun one. I’m looking forward to the next one!

  9. Robin

    Hi Julie! You rock! (And not just because you think Dee should come back in July – but thanks for that.) But also because I appreciate you being here and saying such kind words! You should leave some contact info just in case anyone would like to get in touch with you.

  10. What great interview questions, and fabulous answers! This was a fun blog post.

    The book sounds exciting and I can’t wait to get into it – it’s on a yellow flag on my Nook.

    • Hi Kathy!

      Thanks for stopping in! Robin came up with some great questions, didn’t she? Fun to answer… Thanks for picking up Danger Zone! Hope you enjoy it!

  11. Robin

    Hi Kathy! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! I had fun trying to come up with some different kinds of questions.

  12. Julie Goldstein

    Robin: Thank YOU for having Dee on your blog today. Did I mention that your blog is beautiful? And just because you asked – here is my contact info:
    Julie(at)publicityplus(dot)org. I had to spell it out so that the little web crawlers and spiders don’t get my email addy and spam me – LOL!

    Dee J.: I love you so much – you are a great writer and a great friend. I have been doing publicity and marketing for over 20 years, and have worked with a lot of celebrities. But I can say with all sincerity that you are hands down my most favorite client ever! :hugright: Ok, well, I haven’t worked with Clooney…..YET!! LOL!

    • Julie,

      LMAO! Gee, would you like me to call him for you. I’d be happy to. Uh huh. Sure.

      Seriously, You are a doll. I love you back and you know it. You’ve worked so hard and appreciate every second you’ve put in.

      Okay, I’m sure everyone is puking at the love fest. LOL. But doesn’t this blog absolutely scream “love?”!! I think so!

      Thanks for having me, Robin!

  13. Nas

    What a fabulous interview, Robin. The questions are so different to the usual, and the answers Dee J. are fun.

    Congrats on the release and all the best!

    • Hi Nas!

      (Your post just showed up for me.)
      Thanks for stopping by. I loved Robin’s questions. They were a ton of fun to answer. (I’m still thinking about kissing frogs, LOL.)

  14. These questions were so fun! All I have to say is I forgot who else starred in Blade 3 after Ryan Reynolds graced the screen. Hottt! Hmm, my frog would have to turn into ‘The Roc’ aka Dwayne Johnson for the day (and maybe for a little longer) for obvious reasons. Can’t wait to Check out DANGER ZONE! How cool is that to be married to a director?! In my next life, I’d love to direct. Thanks for stopping by, Dee. And thanks for the interview Robin :)

  15. Hi Tuere,

    I love The Roc! He’s gorgeous AND funny! A perfect combination. Great choice!
    Yeah, I’m very proud of my hubby. He’s an amazing director. Very creative and an awesome sense of humor. Of course I noticed him originally because of his great ass. TMI? LOL. Thanks for dropping by!

    • Hi Christina,

      Glad it’s got your interest! Now you have to tell me what ‘FTW’ means. I’ve never seen that one. I need to be schooled. LOL.

    • Hi Caryn,

      Glad you liked the stories. I hit a few blogs on this tour and tried to share different stories (of George and Hollywood). This one was really (probably) my favorite. Glad I got to share it here! Robin was awesome with asking out of the box questions!

  16. Robin

    Hi Nas! Thanks for stopping by! I had a great time coming up with fun questions for Dee to answer.

    Hi Tuere! I adore the Rock too! Besides being pretty hunky, he seems so down to earth. Thanks for commenting!

    Hi Christina! *waves back* Thanks for stopping in! And I’m clueless as to what FTW means too!

    Hi Caryn! Thanks, as always, for being here! And I do ask perfect questions, don’t I? LOL Kidding.

  17. What a terrific interview!! Robin and Dee, I really enjoyed reading this :). And, Dee, congrats on your book release — I loved your FABULOUS George Clooney story, too! If I could kiss a frog and have him turn into anyone…hmm…my vote may have to go to Colin Firth circa 1995 as “Darcy in a wet shirt”, LOL.

    • Hi Marilyn,

      Ah, Colin. He’s a cutie too. Can’t go wrong there! I have a few great George stories. I love that man. (Luckily my husband is an understanding guy. LOL.) Thanks for stopping by!

  18. Robin

    Hi Marilyn! I’m not too surprised you’d pick Colin Firth. :) I’m glad you enjoyed the interview – Dee is always fun to talk to! I’m going to have to pick her brain for the scoop on some other celebrities. Thanks so much for commenting!

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