Happy Friday!

So I’ve decided to try and post more regularly here … meaning at least once a week. Between writing and editing, my favorite TV shows, trying to curb my sweet tooth, my lovable dog Harry, boys who give me a run for my money (and by boys I mean one thirteen-year-old, one college freshman *nearly falls over*, and one awesome hubby affectionately known as MacGyver) I figure I should be able to come up with something.


This past week I’ve been an editing fool – and loving it! My awesome editor is all kinds of amazing and I’m so lucky to be working with him. While I’m waiting to hear back from him, I’ve started work on another novella, and I’m set to tackle revisions on my newest YA (thanks to my CP extraordinaire!) Chick Magnet is dazzling me with card tricks and a wit way sharper than mine. Killer Lefty is a fraternity fool (and I mean that in a good way – I’m loving hearing his stories and remembering my sorority days). And Harry? He’s decided his diet should include things like a retainer, the brush from my Clarisonic, and any sock left on the floor. Good thing he’s so darn cute.

What’s going on in your neck of the woods?

:D Robin


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  1. Linda Rollason

    Hey Rob, love the blog. I’m trying to get better at visiting here too. Guess what, I have two clever writing friends. A lovely lady here has written a book on suicide and has a publisher. She worked on it for 7 years (as well as having two babies and all the other stuff we do). She is also doing some more work on it now for PhD consideration. Gosh, I’m surrounded by clever people. When do you think “Worth the risk” will be available? I want to make sure I tell everyone i know about it but I’ll wait until they can actually buy it.

    Love ya down under

  2. Robin

    Aww, Linda, thanks for thinking I’m clever! :D

    Best wishes to your friend. What she’s doing sounds much more clever than what I’m doing. And *you* are one of the most intelligent and compassionate people I know! I will definitely keep you posted on when Worth the Risk releases and am thrilled that you’ll spread the word for me in Australia!! Thank you!

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