December is a weird month for me. It’s my mom’s birthday month, which makes it awesome, and there are the holidays, which make it fun and friend & family-filled, but it’s also the last month of the year and I’m always unsettled by that. The years are going by waaayyy too fast! I swear it was just January. I’m thinking if I had a superpower, I’d want it to be the ability to manipulate time and the first thing I’d do is replay moments when maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention.

This has been a wonderful year, though, and I’m so grateful to my readers, family and friends for their amazing support. And I’m so honored and delighted to share that I’ve been asked to end the year on some awesome blogs. Here’s where I’ll be:

Tuesday, December 10 ~ Magical Musings
This is my regular monthly stop and I’m sharing a recipe and doing a giveaway.

Wednesday, December 11 ~ Bliss Winter Wonderland on Facebook and Here!
My publisher is hosting a 12 days of Christmas Bliss Style celebration with a fun filled scavenger hunt! Each day a Bliss author will post 5 questions about themselves on FB (if you don’t know the answers, you can find them on their blogs) and they’ll also be available to answer some of YOUR questions.

Each correct answer will enter you for the grand prize – a $50 Amazon gift card. There will also be some fabulous prizes given away by the authors so stop by each day! The more the merrier so please feel free to invite your friends to participate as well.

Here’s the line up:

12/2: Cindi Madsen
12/3: Tracy March
12/4: Jennifer Shirk
12/5: Roxanne Snopek
12/6: Claire Baxter
12/9: Barbara DeLeo
12/10: Annie Seaton
12/11: Me!
12/13: Ophelia London
12/16: Rachel Harris
12/17: Aubrie Dionne

Friday, December 13 ~ Let It Snow Books 2013 at Ex Libris
I’m being highlighted as one of Stella’s favorite authors of 2013 and I’m beyond thrilled with the honor! I hope you’ll stop by for my guest post and giveaway. The whole month is dedicated to celebrating the holidays with wonderful authors and giveaways so if you have a minute, stop by daily!

Sunday, December 22 ~ December Joyathon w/ Romancing Rakes For The Love of Romance

I was delighted to be asked to join in Jami and Katie’s The Twelve Heroes of Christmas celebration! Stop by and see what 12 heroes I’d put in my calendar and enter to win my giveaway. There’s also a grand prize giveaway from all the authors participating. And you guys, the list of authors I’m included with is amazing! Check it out every day!

Tuesday, December 24 ~ Magical Christmas with MORE Books
Another wonderful celebration from December 1 – December 25. I’ve got a guest post and giveaway and would so love it if you stopped by to see me on Christmas Eve!

Tuesday, December 31 ~ Steamy Guys After Dark Holiday Celebration
Again, I was so happy to be asked to participate in Kassiah’s month-long celebration and with this post I’m celebrating my New Year’s Eve novella, YOURS AT MIDNIGHT. The list of authors joining in is just amazing here, too, so if you get a chance to stop by daily, you should!

I’m also a part of Night Owl Reviews Winter Wonderland 2013. There are a ton of amazing authors and prizes over there so be sure to check it out!

Happy December everyone!! And from the bottom of my heart, thanks so much for being a very special part of my year!


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9 responses to “Holy Cow, It’s December

    • Robin

      Hi Elena! You are always so awesome to follow me to all my stops and I appreciate it more than I can say! Knowing I’ll “see” you makes me so happy! Thanks so much!! I hope you have a wonderful December!

    • Robin

      Hi Shari!! Oh my gosh, I so wish I knew who to talk to. LOL But you know, since I can’t make it happen in real life, I’m thinking I may have to write a story about it. Seriously.

      Thanks so much for stopping by here! I hope things are good with you!! How’s the writing going? Happy December and happy holidays! <3

  1. Rachel Hamilton

    Man your going to be busy. I do t know how you keep up with it all. I’ll try to get to all the stops. Have a busy but happy December. :-)

    • Robin

      Hi Rachel! I don’t know how I’m going to keep up with it all either! Although my January is scaring me more than this month. With a book deadline and edits on multiple books (in entirely different genres), I’m starting to freak out a little! I don’t see a lot of sleep in my future. LOL Thanks so much for trying to get to my stops – I would love that! Happy December back at you! <3

  2. You have a busy month ahead, Robin!! (But it sounds like a fun one… :) )
    And I agree with you on the time warp that is the month of December, LOL. How did we get to the end of the year already?!!

    • Robin

      Hi Marilyn! I am so excited to be posting your new cover here on Friday!! Woot! Oh, and I did include one of your heroes in my 12 calendar guys for my December Joyathon post. I pretty much love you and your books to pieces, ma’am!

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