Confession number one: I’m a food addict. I love to eat. Which is problematic since I’m a bottomless pit and my metabolism isn’t what it used to be. So if I’m not eating holiday cookies, I’m on the treadmill so that I can eat more holiday cookies tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that.

Confession number two: Hipsters’ Holiday is my favorite collection of holiday music. Give me some Louis Armstrong and Eartha Kitt and Miles Davis and I’m singing and dancing around the house. Which if you’ve heard me sing isn’t such a good thing.

Confession number three: I’m much more comfortable giving than receiving. That doesn’t mean I don’t like presents (who doesn’t like presents?). It just means I’ll sit and watch everyone else open gifts all day long, but when it comes to my turn, I’ll be in the kitchen eating cookies.

Confession number four: If I could stay in my pajamas all day long, I would.

Confession number five: The previous confession might apply to times besides the holidays.

Confession number six: My top secret, best cookie in the world recipe, isn’t as special as I thought it was. I saw it in a magazine! (Not a cooking or food magazine, but InStyle magazine.) And I haven’t told a soul until now. I’m thinking maybe I’ll share the recipe here with you guys. It is seriously the best bar cookie on the planet, and I swear if you make them, everyone will fall in love and think you are the best baker ever.

Confession number seven: Sometimes I wish I’d become a chef.

Confession number eight: I miss the handprint holiday paintings my boys made when they were little. Think I could get them to make one for me now?


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9 responses to “Holiday Confessions

  1. Robin, I *love* your confessions and will admit to sharing a number of them (whole days go by and I’ll stay in my pjs…and I’m pretty sure everyone in the world who knows me knows I’m a food addict, lol — also, I miss those handprint crafts, too…), but I think what makes your special cookie/bar recipe special is that YOU made it for someone and gave it to them. It’s a little “Like Water for Chocolate” that way — the intention and affection that goes into it is instinctively noticable to the lucky recipient. Not that I wouldn’t totally try to make your recipe if you gave it out to us :) .

  2. Robin

    Aww, thanks Marilyn. They really are yummy and so easy to make. I’ve enjoyed being the only one who knows how to make them because I do like making them for friends and family. But in the spirit of giving, I think I’ll share the recipe sometime soon! (Isn’t it funny that I’m so protective of this recipe?)

  3. Those are great confessions! I love cookies and pajamas, too! And, yes, the cookies have a much bigger impact these days. Oh, and our pumpkin pie? Off the can of Libby’s pumpkin. Best pie ever. And my famous brownies? Ghiradelli mix with butter instead of oil.

  4. Robin

    Caryn, I love pumpkin bread and pumpkin muffins, but just can’t get into pumpkin pie. Brownies, though, yum! I’ll have to try your way next time I buy a box of Ghiradelli.

  5. Esther

    I miss the painted handprints my son made too. And luckily I’ve been working so much that I haven’t had time for holiday cookies.

  6. Karen

    I think each of us has a recipe we’re sort of stingy with. That’s what makes them special when we cook them for others. :) And the pj thing? I’m with ya.

  7. Robin

    Esther, I’ve tried so hard to eat well on days I work, but it’s just so much easier to grab a cookie than actually fix myself something to eat.

    Karen, stingy is the perfect word. But mostly I like that I can make something for my friends and family that they can’t make for themselves. I guess it makes me feel valuable.

    Thanks for stopping by you guys!

  8. I love this blog post, Robin. I’m with you on the music. Can imagine you in your pj’s singing, dancing, and chowing down on a cookie or three. : ) I’m enjoying a holiday CD that a friend gave to me, Michael Buble’s Christmas, and have done some fine sing-a-alongs this month. Very loud. Very off key. With the windows open.
    Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

  9. Robin

    Hi Robena! It sounds like you and I would make quite the duo! :-D I could totally sing badly while holding a cookie in each hand. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the year and best wishes in 2012!

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