My publisher, Entangled Publishing, is sparking interest in the heroes from their books with a fun and engaging Twitter fest called Hero Wars. By following the #HeroWars hashtag you can play along and meet all the delicious heroes burning up the pages of Entangled’s recent and upcoming releases.

And being a total newbie isn’t stopping me from joining in on the banter and camaraderie. After all, my hero Dean Malloy rocks! Here’s his stats:

Name: Dean Malloy
Build: Lean and muscular
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 190
Strengths: Loyal, protective, courageous, approachable
Weaknesses: Stubborn, foolhardy, plays by his own rules
Leading Lady: Samantha (Sam) Bennett, the girl he’s never gotten over
Favorites: Travel and adventure sports (River raft and hike a volcano in the same day? Hell, yeah.)
Occupation: Hotshot Environmentalist

If you’d like to join in the fun ~ and I hope you will! ~ be on the Twitter lookout in the coming weeks and months as Entangled Heroes go neck and neck with quotes and teases and peeks into what makes them tick. You can check out the Entangled blog for stats on other heroes as they’re revealed each week.

Since I haven’t finished editing WORTH THE RISK yet, I thought I’d start things off with a Q&A with Dean (#TeamDean). And that’s where I’d love your help… Have a question for my hero? Fire away (and keep it short) and I’ll post it and the answer on Twitter. Leave your Twitter name with your question in the comments and I’ll be sure to add the @ to recognize you. Not on Twitter? That’s okay. I’ll answer questions here too! Can’t think of a question? I’d love any support you can give when you see #TeamDean. (Did I mention I feel like the total underdog with all these amazing Entangled Authors? Just sayin’.)

Oh, you’d like a quick rundown on Dean? Okay!

His caramel colored hair is streaked with lighter shades because he spends much of his time outdoors. It hangs a little long, more surfer sheik than Indiana Jones. Square jaw, slightly crooked nose, piercing aquamarine eyes that never waver from a conversation. Five years ago he spent an amazing summer with Sam exploring national parks from Yosemite to the Badlands. He broke her heart when they parted ways. Now they’re face to face again, vying for the same job. But very quickly they discover that love is always…worth the risk.

Thanks so much for your support and playing along!



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  1. No question, but a comment. My heroine’s name is Sammie Gold in my book titled, Worth the Risk. Robin, isn’t that funny and such a coincidence? My heroine goes by Sammie, but her name is Samantha. Oh, and I got word, the title might be changing, but who knows? I’m sort of in love with the title, now that we both have the same one!!
    Oh and I love that Dean is a hotshot environmentalist!! That’s cool!

  2. Hey, Robin. This sounds like a great game. Unfortunately, I registered for Twitter and played for a bit and then wandered away. I think I’ll have to re-learn. But not today. : )
    Love your hero, he sounds yummy.
    Linda O. Johnston and I have often had the same names in our stories, and we’ve laughed about that. In Beaglemania one of her suspects has the same name as my antagonist. I wonder how we choose names?

  3. Robin

    Oh my gosh, Charlene! We’re seriously in sync with this one! Lol I hope your title doesn’t change. I love that my first book is the same title as yours!!(And we didn’t even know it.)

  4. Robin

    Robena, thanks for liking Dean! :D

    And too funny about you and Linda. It’s weird, the name thing. I swear as soon as I name a character, I’ll read a book with that character’s name in it. Maybe it’s something in the writer genes? ;)

  5. Hi Robin!
    Your Dean sounds like a dream!

    My question for the DeanTeam – what made Dean become an environmentalist, and what exactly does he do?

    So sorry to say I live in the dark ages and don’t Twitter. I’m digging my feet in on this one social media battle. May be the death of me, but so be it. :snicker:

  6. Robin

    Hey, Lynne! Thanks!

    Dean became an environmentalist because of his father. His dad owns World Heritage Fund, the largest international nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving historical sites. He worked for his dad for a few years and recently started his own heritage protection company. His departure strained the relationship with his dad and that plays a big part in my plot. So basically, Dean travels the world preserving significant historical sites.

    Thanks for the questions and being here!!

  7. Ooh! Dean sounds yummy! I love the idea of #herowars, too. So fun! I’m going to go play, but my battery’s dying, so I’ll have to ask a quick question now and then play on Twitter later. Here’s what I want to know: What attracts Dean to Sam – and vice versa? (Feel free to shorten due to Twitter word counts!)

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