Happy summer! I hope yours is off to a great start. Mine? Well, besides having a pain in the neck (and I don’t mean my kids, but a disc thingie that is really making me grumpy) mine is going great. I love that both my boys are off from school and I just had to share this recent conversation between my hubby and my older son, who has a paid (totally just typed the word pain instead of paid just now – yeah, that’s how I’m feeling) internship this summer and gets all dressed up for work…

Hubby: You look nice today. (He┬áreally does. Seeing your son in dress slacks, a dress shirt, and dress shoes, is crazy! I’m too young!)

Son: Thanks.

Hubby: Are you sure it’s not cruel to the women in your office? (I’m totally sitting at attention at the kitchen table now.)

Son: Oh, it is. *smirks*

Yeah, that kid of mine does not lack in the confidence department.

So tell me, have you got any big summer plans?



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