My fourteen-year-old recently left me this note and I just had to share…

I love you so much… You do so many things for me, and even things I don’t know about. Thank you for all you do for me everyday. Thank you for all the love you give me. And mom, thank you for dinner.

LOL! Is he the best or what? When he does things like this it makes all those days when we battle so worth it.

I also wanted to share something that made me so over the moon thrilled. (And okay, maybe made me cry.) This is from Stella at Ex Libris (posted on Goodreads):

Robin Bielman’s writing is wonderfully heartfelt and touching, her words reach inside you and squeeze your heart until you smile/cry/sigh. She is an amazing storyteller and I just discovered a new favourite author! :-D

Thank you SO much, Stella!!!! I am so humbled and honored and HAPPY by the many wonderful reviews I’ve been receiving for Yours At Midnight.

And on a final note, my dear friend Marilyn Brant has a new book out! She’ll be here next week to talk about it, but I wanted to give her a shout out now. I’ve read it and it’s delightful!


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6 responses to “Happy Notes

  1. Oh my goodness, those notes are just so very sweet — different in message, obviously, but similar in joy and inspiration. You must have a permanent smile on your face!

    • Robin

      Hi Shari! I have been smiling an awful lot lately. :D I hope all is well with you and you’re kicking some revision butt!

  2. Robin,
    That note from your son is priceless!! I love it, and I love how he appreciates you — for the big things and the little ones ;). And the message from your fan Stella is not only wonderful, what she said is so true! Hugs and thanks for the PPPM shout out, too!!! I’m so delighted you enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to visiting next week :).

  3. What wonderful notes! I just love your sons; they do the sweetest things. I hope their girlfriends — current and future — appreciate them. Actually, kind of sounds like they take after their dad. :-)

    • Robin

      Hi Caryn! They are pretty sweet (most of the time.) And yes, they definitely get their charm from their dad – I’m pretty darn lucky!

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