1) The way my younger son’s face lit up when my hubby and I surprised him with something he hadn’t been expecting.

2) The sheer delight on my father-in-law’s face (I swear he turned into a 5-year-old getting the best present ever on Christmas morning) when my hubby told him he’d get him Apple TV so he could get Netflix on his television.

3) Reading the note hubby left for me in the shower. (I’ve got an Aqua Notepad hanging on the wall in case a story idea hits while I’m shampooing.) I’d share what he wrote, but it’s uh, a little dirty.

4) Running into a friend I haven’t seen in forever and smiling and laughing and catching up like it was yesterday that we saw each other.

5) Email from a reader that includes the words “bloody brilliant.” *smiles big*

6) Hugs. I’m so lucky to get them every day from the guys in my life and just thinking about them warms my heart.

Your turn! Tell me about a recent happy moment in your life!

Posted April 6, 2015 by Robin Bielman in Life Lately / 3 Comments

3 responses to “Happy Moments

  1. elena k

    ohhhhh how much I love your posts robin! my happy moments are 1. laughing with my sister while doing pilates. she always kicks me from behind and we try not to laugh in the silent room unsuccesfully. 2.kissing my boyfriend, he is a giant beside me but he always reaches for me to give me a kiss. 3.making a new recipe with my mom and cheering like little girls because it was amazing and eating it while it was still hot. 4.my dad’s excitement for spending time together listening to music 5. how proud my brother made me for making his dream come true 6. emails from you always put a smile to my face :-*

    • Robin

      Oh, Elena, how I LOVE your comments! Especially this one. What wonderful happy moments! What a happy life, and I’m smiling big for you. xoxo

      • elena k

        this is why I LOVE your posts! you always remind me my happy moments and how much they should matter and not taken for granted!it is nice to think them and realize that we are happy in everyday life besides the troubles we get.

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