Happy Holidays! Happy New Year! Happy! Happy!

With 2014 drawing to a close I thought I’d share a few of my favorite pictures from the year. A quick little retrospective of what brought a smile to my face.


This little guy is a constant source of happy. Even when he’s being naughty and chewing on things he’s not supposed to. Love you, Harry!


You guys know how much I love cupcakes. So getting these from my awesome publisher, Entangled, was really special and I’m so glad I took a picture to remember them by!


This is one of my favorite pictures from RWA. That’s the amazing Samanthe Beck, the amazing Liz Pelletier, and me at the RITA Awards Ceremony. Are we cool or what? LOL


I don’t post many pictures of my family, but my guys are the most important people in my life and this picture is from Father’s Day. We’re at Angel Stadium and had the best time. The only thing missing was my older son, who was out of town for a fraternity function.


The ocean, the sand, they are my favorite things and on the day I took this picture I was so thrilled to have the first book in my Kisses in the Sand series out. I was also on a weekend getaway with my hubby and that made this morning walk on the beach really wonderful.


That’s me and my mom after our skydive. She landed back safely on the ground after me and this is one of the few pics her instructor got of us together. I love how she looks so calm as she’s talking about her experience. It was one of the best days ever – definitely a highlight from 2014!

I hope you have fond memories of the year, and I’d love to hear about something special you’ll always remember. Happy holidays and…


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7 responses to “Happy Holidays & A Few Favorite Pics

  1. Marcy Shuler

    Lovely pictures and memories, Robin!

    My youngest graduated HS this year. He shares my weird sense of humor and still kisses me goodnight. I love that about him.

  2. elena k

    I love your photos! your mom is so cool, harry is the cutest and your son looks so much like you! unfortunately the year was not so pleasant but I hope the new one will be better. the good news is my brother achieved his dream from childhood and became a pilot so we are proud of him. I read many good books and I got to know you better and that’s something special. happy holidays robin!

    • Robin

      Oh, Elena, I’m wishing you so much happiness and good things in 2015 that you’re overflowing with joy throughout the year. I’ve loved getting to know you better, too, and am so grateful for all the kindness you show me! Happy holiday friend! xo

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