I’m sort of smitten with this book I wrote. It’s called HER ACCIDENTAL BOYFRIEND. I love my hero Shane. I love my heroine Kagan. So I got to thinking about how I could share that love. Then I got to thinking about how awesome it would be have help sharing that love.

This idea could totally bomb or it could totally work, but I think no matter what, it will be fun! Even if only a couple of people play along, I’ll be forever grateful. So, this past weekend my hubby and I were at the beach and we left this there:

So I thought what if I got my friends to leave “HER ACCIDENTAL BOYFRIEND” in places too? Writing in the sand is awesome. But what if you wrote it on a napkin in your favorite coffee shop and left it for someone to find. Or spelled it out with jelly beans or tiny rocks or pennies or whatever, and took a picture of it and then posted it to Facebook and/or Twitter? Get the idea? Be creative. Be simple. Be you. Hook me up with the link if you do post a picture. Tell me about it in the comments on this post. Help me spread the word throughout the month of November. Share my hope that HAB will be seen my many. Hey, a girl can dream, right? I mean maybe a big-time TV or movie producer will see it, wonder what it is, find my book, read it, love it, and want to make the movie! And I’ll invite all of you to the premiere! hee hee

I’ll be gifting some of my favorite eBooks to those of you that participate. Random surprises to say thanks so much for┬áspreading the Got HAB love. (And please feel free to share and leave napkins numerous times.)

Oh, and you can also take the easy route if you want and just share this:

(I’ve got a share giveaway going on on my Facebook page for a $10 Amazon gift card – check it out at HERE.)


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    • Robin

      EJ! You so rock!! I LOVE it! Thanks so much for bringing HAB to Oregon! I’m seriously happy dancing!

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