My writing pal Anne Kemp and I thought it would be fun to get our heroines from our debut novellas together. So here’s a little something extra that takes place when Samantha Bennett from WORTH THE RISK meets up with good pal Abby George from the ABBY GEORGE SERIES for a coffee and catch-up session…

“Remember how we used to play that game, “Would you rather?” Samantha asked, smiling at the memory. After one beer too many in college, she and Abby would giggle for hours over ludicrous topics. Maybe the game was what her friend needed now before she headed to the Caribbean. Her tea hadn’t lightened her mood.

“Oh, god, yes! Our suite-mates were relentless with beer pong.” Abby shook her head and cringed at the thought. “Pabst Blue Ribbon? Ugh! What the hell were we thinking?”

“What was the one you’d slur all the time?” Samantha narrowed her eyes. “Oh! I remember. Would you rather be a giant hamster or a tiny rhino?”

Abby giggled as she took a sip of her chai tea latte. “Yes – a giant hamster was always my go to. Cause I’d be cute and fluffy and more likely to get away with things…like ducking out of responsibility!”

“And I always said a tiny rhino so I could avoid my father. If something isn’t at eye level, he usually misses it.”

“Okay,” Abby’s lips twitched as she felt her question mojo coming back. “I got another one for ya: Would you rather be able to hear any conversation or take back anything you say?”

Samantha lifted her elbows off the small round table. It teetered, the folded napkin under one leg no help in the balance department. “Take back anything I say. I’ve put my foot in my mouth one too many times already, and I don’t want to know other peoples business.”

“Love it!” Abby gleefully toasted the air with her cup. “I feel the exact same way. Plus, if someone was talking about me, I’d really rather just not know.”

“Would you rather go about your normal day naked or fall asleep for a year?” Sam asked.

“Naked. I would totally go about my business naked. I can’t even imagine missing out on 365 days of my life!”

“I knew you’d say that! I’d go naked, too. I’ve got too much to do to sleep for a year. I’d just make sure my normal routine that day was out in the field at some remote heritage protection site where no one could see me.” Samantha rested against the back of her chair. Then they both cracked up. It had been awhile since she laughed with a friend. It felt good. “Would you rather be able to stop time or fly?”

“Stop time, but not in a harmful way. Kind of like the one sister on Charmed. I’d do it so I could take a moment to think.”

“I’d take flying. I’d love to feel free and unencumbered and travel the globe with the wind in my face.”

Abby held up her hand. “My turn. Would you rather find true love or ten million dollars?”

Samantha had found true love once, or so she’d thought. Even after years apart, her heart still belonged to Dean. No other guy had come even close to erasing her memories of him and the summer they shared. “Ten million dollars.”

“You are such a liar! We both know you’d be happier with true love!”

Samantha tried to blank her expression, but it seriously didn’t work. Not with Abby staring at her like she could read her mind. “Fine. True love. If it even exists. I’m all about the job now.” She took a deep breath and tried to ignore the ache in her chest. “Would you rather have one wish granted today or three wishes granted in ten years?”

“Three wishes over ten years. You know it takes me a lot of time to sit and think about things. And wishes? No way I could decide on just one right now. What about you?”

“I’d rather have one wish today.”

“And what, pray tell, would that be?”

Samantha sat up taller. “To win the Route 66 contract.”

Read the beginning of Abby George’s journey in ALL FRUITS RIPE ~ available now! And learn more about the author, and my friend, Anne Kemp here.

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