It’s late at night and I thought, I really need to write a blog post and the first title that came to mind was Fu Manchu. I’ve no idea why. Wait. I take that back. I sort of know why. It’s because it’s fun to say. I remember being a kid and saying it just for that reason. And guess what? It’s still fun to say. Go ahead… say it out loud. I’ll wait.

You liked it, didn’t you?

Are you also picturing the Fu Manchu mustache? I am.

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about was food. It’s after midnight and I’m hungry. (FYI, I’m always hungry.) For the past I don’t know how many Mondays, I’ve said I’m going to eat better, and well, so far that hasn’t happened. Could have something to do with these. When it comes to willpower, I have none. It’s because of the sweet tooth gene I was born with.

I do like good, healthy food. In fact, I love it. These! I have got to make these! The problem is, I’m a lazy planner. I keep thinking the kitchen fairies are going to strike and supply all the ingredients and time I’ll need to make nutritious meals that the guys in my household will eat without complaining. One Monday soon, I’ll turn the corner and take my family with me. (Probably kicking and complaining, but would it kill them to eat something besides meat and potatoes?)

In the meantime, what’s on your menu?


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7 responses to “Fu Manchu

  1. After fasting all day for Yom Kippur, my menu was HUGE tonight. Best part = my mom’s chicken soup! :)

    Also: it is impossible to have willpower when it comes to cupcakes. Their calories should just be exempt!

    • Robin

      Happy New Year, Shari! I love chicken soup. Was there a matzo ball in it too? (That’s my favorite.) And I like the way you think about cupcakes. :)

  2. *Drools* Cupcakes have got to be my absolute favorite!! Sure, cake is a bigger version of them, but there’s something about pastries in morsel sizes that titillate your taste buds in such a way. Now, whether you have more than one is another story ;) My diet of late is consisting of anything gluten and lactose free. Sadly, my cast-iron stomach is waning with age and I’m being “forced” into eating more sensibly. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t appreciate it. And I feel so much better for it :)

    • Robin

      Hi Tuere! Yay on eating and feeling better! I think more and more people are going gluten free. I really do like to eat healthy, it just seems to take so much more time than eating unhealthy. You know, grabbing a cookie or some pretzels is a lot easier than steaming some broccoli. :)

  3. Ha! YES, I actually do love to say Fu Manchu. When I saw your post title, I recited it in my head a few times because I liked it. I’m glad I’m not the only one who does that with fun words.

    And, oh, those cupcakes look DELICIOUS. Yum. Now I want one.

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