Let’s talk kisses. But not just any kiss. Your first kiss. That moment when you lean in, ready to lock lips with that someone special for the very first time. Your heart is racing, your stomach is quivering, your head is spinning. You make contact and then one of two things happens: you don’t ever want to stop or you can’t stop quick enough.

My first kiss was a miss. It happened on my front door step with a boy I’d been crushing on forever. When he finally asked me out I thought I’d die! We went to the movies and then he brought me home, walked me to the door, and proceeded to shove his tongue down my throat. It was wet and sloppy and yucky.

We never went out again.

In my May 13th release, KISSING THE MAID OF HONOR, a first kiss plays an important role in the story. A fun role because it stirs up conflict. And desire. Wishes, too. Do I wish my first kiss had been bliss? Hmm… I’m not sure. I mean everything happens for a reason, right? I will say future kisses were much, much better. :)

What about you? Was your first kiss Bliss or Miss?

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12 responses to “First Kiss: Bliss or Miss?

  1. Sign me up for the miss column, too. Unfortunately, I will never forget it either. I was in the school play – a musical – Kiss Me Kate – and had the second female lead. I was fifteen (yes, I hadn’t been kissed yet) and there was a scene where the guy (who was the least appealing guy in the world) was supposed to kiss me after our duet. I’m quite sure neither of us had ever kissed anyone before, and it was the most awkward thing in the world to rehearse, and then perform in front of the whole school!
    Gosh it was awful. :( :cry:

  2. My first kiss was in playing spin the bottle at my BFF’s fifteenth birthday party. I was not allowed to date yet. ; ) A boy kissed me and to tell the truth I don’t remember much about it. But the next morning at breakfast my mother noticed a small hickey on my neck. Man did I ever get into trouble. : )

  3. My first kiss was a menage a trois! Tommy and I were 5/6 or so; his brother Billy a year older. Speaking of wedding themes, we were playing wedding, and they took turns being the minister, saying “You may now kiss the bride” or being the groom who planted one on – or did *I* kiss them? :inlove:

    ‘Tennyrate, much fun was had by all – and they weren’t terrible kisses, given our tender ages. Not to much clip/nose smashing. :kissing: Though I must admit, kisses I gave and received later on were much more romantic, not to mention skilled.

  4. How horrible is it that I don’t even recall my first kiss? I guess that means it simply was a kiss. It may explain why he and I did not stay together. I’d been crushing on him for years and then *finally* we were dating. I remember the break up more than the dating or the kissing. I initiated it and was horrible at it. I am sure that I still owe him an apology 30+ years later for being such a dweeb.

  5. Sharon Goldstein

    I was 10–yes, 10 years old–when I got my first kiss. He was also 10. He “courted” me by singing “The Surrey With the Fringe on Top” from “Oklahoma.” Over 50 years later and I still remember. Sigh. :heart:

  6. My first kiss was a miss. It was with a boy that was just a friend so we were experimenting with french kissing. I think I was about 14, so what did I know back then? Looking forward to this story, Robin!

  7. Robin

    Hey Sam! At least you’ve got your Mr. Right now! ;)

    Oh, Lynne! That does sound pretty awful. But hey, you had nowhere to go but up from there, right? I love that your first kiss occurred “Kiss Me Kate” though.

    Roben! I’m cracking up. You don’t remember your first hickey? Hmm… I’m thinking it wasn’t a miss if he got that far. ;)

    Aww, Charlene. You and your hubby are too cute!

    I love that story, Beverly! Playing wedding is adorable.

    Hey Jennifer! Well, at least he had that going for him. LOL

    Oh, Maria. Break-ups are never easy so you get a pass! Is anyone good at it? I don’t think so.

    Hi Sharon! Another adorable story! I bet it makes you smile when you think about it, too. :)

    Hi Amy! I love that you experimented kissing with a friend! I practiced on my hand. :silly:

    Thanks so much for stopping by everyone!!

  8. Definite miss! I was 13 and the boy was 16. I kept thinking that my Mom would find out…she was like a detective. I was sure she’d see a big scarlet ‘K’ (for kissing) on my forehead and sweat the truth out of me!

    • Robin

      That is too cute, Kathy! Thanks so much for sharing! And I’m thinking it’s your mom who may have influenced your career choice. :)

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