I’ve noticed this trend of talking about 2013 like it’s over and a new year has started or something and… holy crap, it is a new year! I am so inventing a time machine because days and months are flying by way too fast. :)

Okay, so here’s a few of my favorite things from this past year…

THE BEACH. I spent a lot more time there this year and it’s truly my favorite place to be.

CUPCAKES. Yummy goodness that I sometimes have to have two of.

HARRY. The cutest dog ever. Except for when he decides to jump on the bed and mess it up. Or find brand new socks to chew on. Or decides it’s playtime at 6 AM – on Saturday.

FRIENDS AND READERS. I’m a sentimental person. I’ll send a mushy card over a funny one. I like to say I love you and I adore you and You rock, because I truly mean those things. So all you awesome peeps out there who made my day with your kind words, wonderful gifts, camaraderie, help, advice, sense of humor, support, and care, thank you. You were one of the best parts of my year.

MY FAMILY. They mean more to me than anything else.


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6 responses to “Favorite Things of 2013

  1. Rachel Hamilton

    Hi Robin, isn’t it scary that we are already in 2014 ! Where did last year go ?

    I would have to say that even though 2013 was tough, I am grateful for the new friends, new authors and new books that I found in 2013.

    2014 will just be better because I said it will be. Good luck on everything for the year and bring on the new books. :-)

    • Robin

      Hi Rachel! I’m super grateful you found me! And that I found you! Here’s to an awesome 2014! *hugs*

  2. elena k

    what a beautiful family you have Robin and what a cute dog! I hope you have an even better year! :-*

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