I had a great time at Barnes and Noble promoting Worth the Risk and talking about e-books! The staff was awesome, the people who stopped by to chat with me were awesome, and my hubby was awesome for taking pictures and shooting video.

What exactly did I do at my event? Here’s how it went…

B&N set me up at the front of the store with a table. I brought Worth the Risk swag to give away and my Nook to show people. The goal was to talk about my book, e-books, and the Nook. Basically a meet and greet to educate customers on the growing popularity of e-readers and e-books.

I was delighted to talk about my Nook with people because I love it so much! And I sold two of them! Anyone who bought a Nook while I was in the store got my book included with their purchase. (An arrangement I made with the store and they had a prepaid gift card at the register to use for people who bought a Nook.) In addition, B&N supplied me with little pieces of paper that had the name of my book, the price, and a barcode. I kept those on my table and anyone who already had a Nook and wanted to buy Worth the Risk simply took the paper up to the register and they were given a receipt in return with a code to download the book when they got home. Cool, huh? It worked great and B&N told me I sold eight books, which I think is huge for a two-hour “signing.”

Here’s a peek into my day… Sorry the video is only of me. In all the excitement we forgot to video when I was actually interacting with people. *smacks forehead* Next time!


Now for some pictures…

That’s me and awesome B&N staff members Shawn and Jane. They were so nice and supportive and enthusiastic! Jane made several announcements while I was in the store encouraging customers to come and meet me. It was so cool to hear my name over the loudspeaker!

Me at my table. I brought lots of swag with me. Postcards that I signed, Worth the Risk sticky notepads, chocolate, Forget-me-not flower seeds, and I had a giveaway of a Worth the Risk gift pack and Worth the Risk Chick T-shirt. I also brought a clipboard for people to sign up for my newsletter. (Newsletter, you ask? What newsletter? Coming soon…)

And here’s a good shot of my table! That’s me, the wonderful Charlene Sands, and wonderful blogger and reviewer Evie Knight. (It was so great to meet you in person, Evie!)

I could not have asked for a better day! Thank you to B&N staff members, Sandi, Shawn, Jane and Jason! Thank you to all the people I didn’t know who stopped by to say hi and ask about Worth the Risk! And thanks to my family and friends who took time out of their Saturday to come and support me! You all rock!


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  1. Wow! That looks like such a cool event! Congratulations on your first ever book signing, and for making it such a success! And eight copies sold? That’s awesome! Especially since there are probably others who will remember your name, and may still download your book later. And the ones who bought it will love it and buy your next books, and maybe even tell their friends. You’re going to get some nice word of mouth from this, I bet! And good job on selling two Nooks. B&N should hire you. :-)

    • Robin

      Hi Caryn! Thanks! It was really fun and considering I’d much rather stand in a corner, I did okay. :)

      I would totally work at B&N – if I had any free time!

  2. So. Awesome.

    I have to admit, while watching your video clip I was nervous for you because I can only imagine how exciting and nerve-wracking an event like that must be!

    Then I remembered it already happened. Yeah.
    Breathe, Julie.

    Still, I’m thrilled to see the lovely things that are happening for you after so much hard work. Congratulations, my friend.

    This is all simply fabulous.

  3. Robin

    Julie! Thank so much! You are too funny. I think I forgot to breathe a few times that day. The two hours flew by, thank goodness. And I honestly had such a great time. I was never lonely at my table – which was my biggest fear!

  4. Oh, how COOL! It must have been such a surreal moment, yet also a complete dream-come-true. I’m so happy that it went amazingly well and know it’s only the first of many events you’ll have. Now … you need to visit an East Coast B&N, too, so I can attend ;)

    • Robin

      Hi Shari! It *was* surreal and I was SO happy to be there! My shyness flew out the door when I got started and everyone I met was really nice. One day when I’m totally famous (ha!) I’ll fly back east and do an event. :) Would love to meet you in person!

  5. What a wonderful experience this sounds like. I wish I could have been there, Robin!

    So glad you sold some books, and helped enlighten folks to the wonders of e-readers.

    Go you!

    • Robin

      Hi Lynne! I know I was in your thoughts, which just made my day that much greater. Thanks so much for your support and yeah, I hope I did enlighten a few people about e-readers!

    • Robin

      Hi Janie! Thank you! I wish you could have been there, too. Huge congrats to you again on your release! I hope things are going well!

  6. You looked relaxed in your video. Congrats on the book sales and the nook sales. : 0 I miss all of these type of events because I live so far away, but you know I was there in spirit. Right?

    • Robin

      Hi Roben! I wasn’t relaxed at all! I was totally sweating, but luckily you can’t see that! And I do know you were there with me in spirit – thank you!!! (See the friends rock above.)

  7. Twas fun seeing you in action! You are Great with promo, Robin. Lots of swag and the announcements were impressive!! I hope everyone gets a chance to read your book!!

    • Robin

      Hi Charlene! Thank you so much for coming!! It meant so much to me to have you there! I’m so bummed that in all the excitement, I forgot to get a picture of just the two of us. Darn it. Thanks again – for everything!!

  8. Wow! This looks like it was SO much fun! I wish you the best of luck, Robin :) Although I don’t have a kindle or nook, I DO have a kindle app on my laptop so I can’t wait to check out Worth the Risk :)

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