Okay, so really I’ve hijacked them so I can ask my hotshot environmentalist heroes from my first two Take A Risk series novellas a few quick questions I know we all want answered. Here goes…

Me: What do you wear to bed?
[they cast a quick glance at each other] Dean: Nothing. Unless you count Samantha. [he grins] McCall: Ditto that. Only I’ve got Lucy to keep me warm. [he grins, too]

And I realize I’m in serious trouble because really, their smiles should be illegal. Anyway…

Me: Chocolate or vanilla?
Dean: chocolate
McCall: chocolate vanilla swirl
Me: Favorite body part of the opposite sex?
McCall: All of Lucy’s parts are my favorite.
Dean: It’s impossible to pick just one when I want to touch and look at all of Sam’s.
Me: Do you believe in ghosts?
Dean: No
McCall: Yes
Me: Favorite superhero?
McCall: Ironman
Dean: Captain America
Me: Has anyone ever accidentally seen you naked?
Dean: [laughs] Yes
McCall: Yes [grins] Me: If you had to describe yourself as a car, you’d be a…
McCall: Porche 911 turbo
Dean: Do they make Ferrari jeeps?
Me: You both love the outdoors, water view or mountain view?
Dean/McCall: Both
Me: With all those really nice muscles, do you work out?
McCall: I get my workout out in field, but occasionally I’ll do a stint at the gym.
Dean: I’m all about hiking, biking, sailing. Anything outside.

I think I’ll stop there. Thanks guys! And because I love Dean and McCall so much, I wanted to share a list I made…

Nine Reasons to Love Historic Preservationists

  1. They push the boundaries. These guys don’t play if safe… anywhere.
  2. They like to get dirty. (And I don’t just mean outdoors.)
  3. Green is their favorite M&M candies color.  hee hee
  4. They look like a combination of Indiana Jones and Paul Walker.
  5. They go where the action is.
  6. Following along on their adventures could lead you to places you’ve only dreamed about.
  7. They work well with their hands.
  8. They have an appreciation for how things are built.
  9. They like to do it in exotic locales.

And hey, right now both novellas are priced at Only .99 Cents! You can have Dean AND McCall and their hot new covers for under two bucks! Just sayin.’ 




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    • Robin

      Thank you so much, Marcy!! I hope you enjoy them! I’m thinking any green candy would be a good accompaniment while reading. hee hee

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