I’m a list maker. They help keep me organized and more importantly, remind me of things. Sometimes, though, it’s fun to make lists of favorite things. So being that it’s Valentine’s week, today’s post is my Love list.

I love… MacGyver (mine, not the Richard Dean Anderson version), my two boys, french fries, writing, strawberries, sunshine, Harry Dresden, the beach, accents, mini Labradoodles, movies, clocks, hydrangea, dirty jokes, ice blended coffee drinks, running, Red Vines, falling stars, my friends, Daniel Craig, bridges, travel, seashells, pumpkin muffins, full moons, Mtn. Dew, Alfred Hitchcock films, stephanotis, Remy Chandler, crazy hair day, TV, candles, aquariums, Sweet Pea body lotion, tennis shoes, my family, mountains, pencils, baseball games, jeweled bookmarks, Kaskade, quinoa, laughter, white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, being a Brat, warm temps, Halloween, chapstick, cupcakes and…


I also love to give presents. I’m much better at giving than receiving.

This week two new books from the Flirts/Ever After line at Entangled Publishing released, and I’m super excited to share them with you! Entangled offers lots of great reading choices in single title, category, YA, and novellas. The Flirt and Ever After imprints are novellas ~ shorter romantic reads that take a little less time to get you to the happy ending.

Because it’s Valentine’s week and because I think these authors rock, and because I love cupcakes, reading and gift-giving, I’m having a giveaway! Before I tell you what it is, though, let’s take a peek at these two new books…

First up is ON ONE CONDITION by Diane Alberts.

OCD kindergarten teacher Johanna hates Valentine’s Day. She hates romance, hates commercialism, and definitely hates her school’s annual charity date auction. She never expects her pre-auction night of drinking to land a sexy Brit in her bed. Or for that Brit to show up at the auction, bid thousands just to talk to her again, and get down on one knee in front of everyone and ask her to marry him.

Viscount Damon Hayes has never met anyone like Johanna. She’s neurotic, fascinating, and fun. She also doesn’t care about his title and doesn’t want his money, which makes Johanna perfect to fulfill a surprise clause in his father’s will: marry within three months and remain married for a year, or lose his fortune. A relationship is out of the question, but when passions ignite and the two fall in love, their marriage of convenience becomes anything but.

Next we have TABLE FOR ONE by Ros Clarke.

When food critic Claudia Thomas gets dumped on Valentine’s Day, she finds herself occupying a table for one at London’s hottest new restaurant. If her job wasn’t on the line, she’d skip the whole affair, but her editor’s waiting for a review—and with luck, an interview with sexy chef Ward Nicholls.

Ward, intrigued by the single woman in a restaurant full of couples, sets out to tease her palate. Claudia has never tasted anything so luscious as the special meal Ward prepares for her, but when the seduction moves from the restaurant to his bedroom, Claudia discovers the only thing more tempting than his food is the chef himself.

Their connection is instantaneous, sizzling, and spicy—until Claudia comes clean about her job, reopening a wound Ward had thought long-healed. Could one accidental lie of omission end a delicious relationship before it even has a chance to start?

*double sigh*

Now on to the giveaway… Leave me a comment telling me what kind of cupcake you love best and you’re entered to win one of three great prizes.  I’ll randomly pick three (3!) winners and announce their names next Friday, February 24th. What am I giving away? One ebook copy of each book (winners can choose what’s best for them – Amazon or B& N) and one $25 Barnes and Noble gift card.

I’ve got both these books on my Nook and can’t wait to read them! Maybe with my favorite cupcake ~ dulce le leche.


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23 responses to “Crazy Hair Day, Cupcakes, & Ever After (plus a giveaway!)

  1. Beth

    Cupcakes, yum yum. I love them all but my favorite would have to be carrot cake with delicious cream cheese frosting. I’ll take two please…

  2. Robin

    Beth, sending two virtual carrot cake cupcakes your way!

    Esther, I love chocolate too, but try not to eat it too often as it doesn’t like me!

  3. Maria

    Those cupcakes look delicious. Thank the gods all I am doing is looking at them. These look like fun reads both. Thank you for sharing them. 8-)

  4. My favorite cupcakes are what my husband always requests for his birthday – spicecake with vanilla frosting. Nuttin’ fancy but very yummy.

    However, for my birthday last year he brought some designer cupcakes home – they were devil’s food with dark chocolate frosting. Delish!!!!

  5. Cindy

    Gosh, both these books sound GREAT!

    I’m a classic cupcake girl. Yellow cake. Chocolate frosting. And throw in a few colorful sprinkles and I’m in heaven.

  6. Cheryl S.

    Both books sound like fun reads. Hmmm . . . my favorite cupcake is actually the ones you bake in ice cream cones and I love German chocolate with the yummy coconut-pecan frosting. Although the dulce le leche cupcakes look good too!

  7. Robin Bielman

    You’re welcome, Maria. Thanks for stopping by!

    Lynne, spicecake with vanilla frosting sounds super delicious! I could definitely eat some of those. What did your designer cupcakes look like besides chocolaty goodness? Were there sprinkles, decorations?

  8. Robin Bielman

    Hi Cindy! I like the classics too! Lol Is there any cupcake I’m not going to like? And I think rainbow sprinkles are the bomb. :D

    Hi Cheryl! I’ve never had a cupcake in an ice cream cone! Must try that. German chocolate is my hubby’s favorite!

    Hi Charlene! Chocolate and coffee make a pretty darn good combination. And you’ve brought back memories from when I was a kid and my mom would put Hostess cupcakes in my lunch. So good! (Twinkies too!) I’ve never really done that with my kids – the whole let’s eat healthier thing. Although I have occasionally bought them for team snacks and the kids love it.

    Thanks you three for stopping by!!

  9. First of all, I loved your list of things you love! What a positive way to end the week.

    Also, both of the books look amazing! They’re just my type.

    Oh, and cupcakes? As long as they have frosting on them and no nuts, coconut, or raisins, I’m all for them! Any kind! Yum!

  10. Sharon Goldstein

    So many cupcakes, so little time. I’ll have to go with the classic: chocolate on chocolate. Although sour cream frosting on red velvet . . .

  11. Robin

    Caryn, we could totally eat cupcakes together! I feel the same way.

    Hi Beth! Thanks so much for stopping by! And how funny that carrot cake is your favorite too.

    Hi Sharon! Chocolate on chocolate is yummy! I have to admit, I’m not a red velvet fan. I’ll eat it, but only if there’s no other choice.

  12. Robin

    Hi Anne! Have you found anywhere that makes gluten free? Made some yourself? I think we should scout LA together for the perfect gluten free cupcake. :D

  13. Dulce du Leche? Yum! Both books look tasty, too.

    FYI, if you love cupcakes and WINE, there’s a place in Santa Barbara called Saarloos that pairs wine tasting with cupcake tasting. Sip of wine, bite of mini-cupcake, all designed to complement one another.

    I loved the chocolate maple.

  14. Blueberry cheesecake cupcakes…what an addiction! Ever check out Sprinkles.com? Their cupcakes look like works of art. Too bad there’s not one nearby.

  15. Oh, what a fun first post to see on your blog! What’s better than books AND cupcakes? Not much. Hmm, my favorite flavor is either good old-fashioned chocolate or Oreo. Though I did write a scene today where my main character is baking blue velvet cupcakes with buttercream frosting …. :)

  16. Robin

    Hi Sonya! No, I haven’t checked out Sprinkles.com, but I love watching Cupcake Wars on the Food Network, and one of the judges is the woman who started Sprinkles. We have a totally yummy cupcake store called Crumbs nearby and they make the tastiest and most amazing-looking cupcakes. They’re big too! Boy, all this cupcake talk is making me crave one. :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  17. Robin

    Hi Shari! Hey, I think you’re on to something… a book and cupcake store! I love that your character is baking. I’ve never heard of blue velvet, but buttercream frosting is my favorite!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

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