29 responses to “Cover Reveal! (squee!)

    • Robin Bielman

      Thanks Taryn!! I’m so thrilled and excited! It is freaking gorgeous and I’m in love with it!!!!

    • Robin Bielman

      Thank you, Lisa! I keep looking at it and thinking I’m so darn lucky!! I may not go to sleep tonight. I’ll just sit at my desk and stare at my cover!

    • Robin Bielman

      Thanks Caryn!! I feel much better now. I mean, I’m new at all this, and a perfectionist to boot, so I’m constantly second guessing myself. I’ve just gotta go with the flow!

    • Robin Bielman

      Aww, thanks Christine! I think you even beat me to it. Figuring out how to get a rectangle into a square to post my cover isn’t easy. I still didn’t get it exactly right, but oh well. See my above comment – I’m going with the flow. :D

  1. Robin!!!! It’s so gorgeous. What a beautiful cover. You must be ecstatic. I would be. I zipped over to my blog post and added it in. Thanks again for playing. now I have to scroll down and read your blog. I see my name there…uh oh.

  2. Robin Bielman

    Roben! Thanks so much for adding it in! And it’s been – or will be, I haven’t had to do anything yet – a pleasure to be in your Hot Seat! I’m just sorry my cover reveal bumped my post about your hosting me on your blog!

  3. Robin

    Charlene ~ you’re a huge part of my experience! Thank you for everything! Your friendship and mentorship means the world to me! *hugs!*

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