My Risky Release Party with Charlene Sands is winding down and I thought what better way to finish than with the guy who spends the most time with me while I write.

My lovable mini labradoodle, Harry, is the best four-legged pal a girl could ask for. So here’s your mission ~ caption this picture. The winner will get an extra 5 entries in our party contest!


Post a comment from October 1st to October 14th on our blogs to be entered to win a $25 Gift Card to either Amazon or Barnes and Noble. TWO winners (one on my blog, one on Charlene’s) will be announced on Monday, October 15th, so be sure to check back. (Leave a comment on both our blogs and that counts twice! We’re all about the x2 these next two weeks!)

But wait! There’s more! Please spread the word about Worth the Risk. Help us reach our goal of ranking in the Top 1000 books on Amazon or Barnes and Noble and one lucky commenter will win a Nook Color (Value: $149) or Kindle Fire (Value: $159) or gift card equivalent IF we do. (We need to rank in the triple digits.)

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Thanks so much for being a part of our celebration! See you Monday!


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14 responses to “Caption This

  1. Carol L

    How precious is that little face :) I love it.
    How about “I Wuv You” or
    “Did you forgive me yet”
    What an inspiration you have Robin in this adorable little ball of love.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  2. Ohhhh, Robin. How adorable he is!!
    I have to tell you, I finally saw a few episodes of “The Dresden Files” (I remember you being a fan of the books), and I smiled every time they said Harry’s name, thinking of you naming your cute pup after him! :)
    Okay, off to tweet about your awesome contest now!!

  3. Cathy P

    Can you bring Harry over to play at our house? I would love to see him in person — he is adorable!

    Don’t bother me now — I am trying to decide whether to watch you or take a nap.

    I love you, mommy!

    When are you going to feed me?

    Who, me? What did I do now?

  4. Quilt Lady

    Oh how cute, I want a baby like that! Where do I find one?

    This is my own private bed!
    Leave me alone I am resting!
    Please quit writing and give me some love!
    What a wonderful place to rest!

  5. Cheryl S.

    I’m horrible at captions but how about,

    “I’ll be right here waiting for you.”
    “You know you want to come give me some attention. How could you resist this face?”

    He’s so cute, Robin!

  6. Robin

    Hey guys! I’m loving all your captions! Thanks so much for playing! And Marilyn, thanks for stopping by and spreading the word! What did you think of the Dresden Files?

  7. bn100

    “Is getting off the couch worth the risk?”
    “Hug me”
    “worth the risk”

    Cute dog.

  8. Robin

    Hi bn, Jackie, and Caryn! Thanks so much for commenting!

    Jackie, do you have a mini labradoodle, too? And if he looks just like Harry, Cody must be pretty darn cute!

  9. Kai W.

    My caption is this:

    You go out with your friends. I will be waiting all by my lonesome for you while you have fun and forget about me.

    Harry is adorable.

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