6 responses to “Barnes and Noble Event

    • Robin

      Hi Shari! It was surreal! And so cool. And I met several B&N employees and they were all so nice! I was giddy. :)

  1. Robin! That is so cool! Woohoo! Have a wonderful time at your signing! I so wish I could be there, but I’ll have to settle for seeing you in person soon! Can’t wait to hear how it goes! (Seriously – call, email, send a pigeon, but fill me in! Or if you want to wait and tell me when I get there, that works, too.)

    • Robin

      Hi Caryn! Oh, I wish you were here, too! But luckily I get to see you in just over two weeks! Woo hoo! I can’t wait!

  2. How cool is that?! I did a little happy dance when I saw your name on the sign in your pic. Great for you, Robin! I won’t be @ the conference this year but definitely next year! :)

    • Robin

      Hi Tuere! Aw, thanks for the happy dance! I don’t know if I’ll be at the conference next year, but if I am, we definitely have to meet!

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