Before I was an author, I was a reader. I’m still a reader! (Who’s decided her superpower should be I don’t need any sleep so I can read more.) And when I see my favorite authors, I get really excited. So when I kept running into one of my favorite, favorite authors at the RWA conference, Jill Shalvis, it might have seemed like I was stalking her, but I swear I wasn’t.

And when I ran into my other BFF, Vicki Lewis Thompson, more than once, too, it wasn’t because I was on the lookout for her. (By the way, she and Jill are the nicest┬ápeople EVER!)

Okay, so maybe my Jill and Vicki radar was at maximum, but oh my gosh! It’s Jill and Vicki!

Jade Lee chewed my ear off at lunch. She is so funny!

And I’m so very, very lucky to be friends with writers I admire for their wonderful books, their kindness, their generosity, and their overall awesomeness. Here’s just a few of them I got to spend time with…

Here I am at the RITA/Golden Heart Awards with Jennifer Haymore.

Anne Kemp and me. (Sorry all the pictures are …and me. Note to self: take pictures yourself!)

Here I am with Charlene Sands.

And my Entangled peep, Cynthia Cooke.

Okay, I have no idea how another picture of me and Jill got in here…

And here I am with my roomie and writing pal, Caryn Caldwell. Thanks for being an awesome buddy, Caryn!

I also made lots of new friends! Hi Stephanie and Mary and Buffy and Hillary and Darcy and Micah and Natalie and Catherine and Steph!

AND I met several of my fellow Entangled authors for the first time, which was beyond awesome! Hayson Manning and Barb DeLeo rocked! Tiffany Allee, too! And Lea Nolan and Laura Kaye and Lisa Kessler and Inara Scott were super nice! Boone Brux and Gina Gordon and Shea Berkley and Jenna Rutland were great! And Golden Heart YA finalist Cecily White was terrific! Plus, I got to meet editors Liz Pelletier, Nina Bruhns and Rochelle French. (I hope I didn’t miss anyone!) A fantastic bunch of women. I feel extremely lucky and thankful to be part of this amazing group of authors.

Lastly, I got to bring home lots of books! So many that I’m going to be giving some away, so stay tuned. YA novels and adult novels. Contemporary and paranormal. Romantic suspense and historical. That superpower I mentioned? I need it like right now!

Oh, and the best conversation once I got home:

Me: It was so great seeing so many of my favorite authors.
Son: I live with my favorite author.


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7 responses to “Authors and Books & Fan Girl Moments

  1. A few things…

    – That would be the best superpower EVER. Who can we talk to about making it a reality? ;)

    – Your son’s comment is so sweet. You must have been grinning from ear-to-ear!

    – Love the picture of you and Caryn! I hope you both had an incredible time!

    – There’s nothing quite like getting to meet and talk with your favorite authors! How can you NOT be excited?!

  2. Robin

    Hi Shari! I truly had a great time! It was wonderful seeing old friends, making new ones, and stalking, I mean seeing my favorite authors. :D And when I got home my hubby and sons had cleaned the house and done the laundry! Topped off with my son’s adorable comment, and yeah, my smile remained.

  3. Hayson

    So lovely to meet you,Robin. It was one of the highlights of the conference for me. I just adore your son! What a quote!! :-D


    • Robin

      Hi Hayson! Meeting you was a highlight for me, too! And how very awesome that we live close enough to see each other again. And again. :) Yay!

  4. Thanks for sharing all the fun pictures! I took NONE while I was there, so now I’m living vicariously through your photographic proof, if such a thing is possible. I loved your son’s comment, too, and that they cleaned the house while you were gone. How cool is that?!?

  5. Robin

    Hey, Caryn! Happy to help! I had to sort of force myself to post all these – you know how I am with pictures. And yeah, my guys are pretty awesome. Loved coming home and not having to worry about anything but unpacking. I bet you’re so happy to be back to the mommy thing!

  6. How cool was that to link up with your peeps?! I wished I could’ve gone. It looks like you had a ball. My 1st (and only) nationals is still very fresh in my mind from last year. Every member’s gotta experience it once. Thanks for sharing your time there, Robin. I almost feel like I was there too :shy:

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