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Last weekend we did something I’ve been wanting to do forever. We hiked to the Hollywood sign. I know I said “to,” but I guess I should have said “near,” because that’s as close as we got. There was another route we could have taken that would have gotten us a little closer, but I wanted the full frontal view rather than a side shot.

Turn around, and this is what we saw:Pretty, huh? I want to go back and do it again. There were other paths we could take. One that led to the “Bat Cave” ~ the cave that Bruce Wayne drove out of in the 1960’s TV show ~ and others that led to who knows where. The people on the trail were friendly, the smell of mustard plants filled the air (except for when we passed the huge clumps of horse manure), and even a reluctant Chick Magnet admitted he enjoyed it. (Score one for mom and dad!)

I made it!

There are a ton of other hiking trails we’d like to do too, so our hope is to make this a more regular thing. Time away from the uh, computer, is a good thing. Have you been on any great hikes?


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8 responses to “A Hiking We Will Go

  1. What a beautiful view! I’ve never been to California, but if I ever get there one day, that would absolutely be on my must-see list. So gorgeous! :)

    • Robin

      You should definitely visit sometime, Shari! There is so much to do here! I’d be happy to show you around. :)

  2. Wow! That looks gorgeous! And I thought the main reason to hike to the sign was, well, the sign! Glad you had such a good time!

    I haven’t actually been on any hikes lately, which is kind of sad considering where I live. I keep meaning to, though. Does that count?

    • Robin

      Good intentions always count, Caryn! I wish we had more time together this summer – I’d take you on a hike. :)

    • Robin

      You’re welcome, Christina! I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did! But remember, Quinn is *mine*!

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