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Giving Thanks


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Recently, my mom sent me a couple of emails that made my day. My week, actually. So I thought I’d share…

Hi Beth:

Just had to tell you how much I enjoyed your daughter’s book.  Such a great read………….couldn’t put it down………..and because it is so short I didn’t have to!!!

I loved the “contemporary” aspect of it………..educated, smart people in high stakes business setting. A good romance. Don’t we often wonder about our past and if things were different or if we made the right choice for ourselves?  It was realistic unlike the Fifty Shades of Grey books. Yes, I read those, all three!!!!

Thanks for the lead on great reading fun! I hope your daughter continues to write and I wish her great success……… MJ

Hi Beth,

Downloaded your daughter’s book when I got home and just finished it.  She is an excellent and exciting author. The story just flowed and I couldn’t wait to see how it turned out. Loved it. I predict a great future.

Now, where is my Dean?


My mom has totally been pimping my book! Is she awesome, or what? I also recently attended a charity luncheon with her and she was one of the ladies in the fashion show. When they gave her short bio over the microphone, she didn’t sing her own praises, but mine, telling everyone she had a daughter with a debut book out this year titled Worth the Risk.

I am thankful for so many things in my life, but this year I want to give special thanks to my mom. I don’t think I tell her often enough how special she is to me and how much I love her.

Thanks, Mom. You rock! 

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