Recently, I had the pleasure of hearing Lin Oliver, the Co-Founder and Executive Director for SCBWI speak, and she was funny and charming and smart and I could have listened to her talk for hours.
The topic of her speech, however, was “The 15 Most Important Things I’ve Learned About Writing.” So as 2011 comes to a close, and a new year beckons, I thought I’d share this wonderful piece of wisdom. What I think is best about this list, is that so many of the “things” can apply to anyone, not just writers. So whatever it is you find yourself passionate about in 2012, maybe keep in mind a few of the items below.

1. Take a lot of showers (it’s where many people do their best thinking)
2. Read deeply
3. Keep a journal
4. Follow your weirdness
5. Do the work
6. Write in scenes
7. Frustrate your main character
8. Build your vocabulary
9. Eavesdrop
10. Read everything aloud
11. Shorten it up
12. Don’t ever talk down
13. Do not preach
14. Give children the power
15. Join the tribe

Happy New Year and Best Wishes in 2012!







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5 responses to “15 Important Things

  1. I LOVE this list! Of course, my favorite is the one about taking showers, because it’s so helpful. But then, I love having an excuse to read (as we are told to do in this list). And following the weirdness just sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a wonderful list, Robin! I agree with Caryn — I love the showers one, too, as well as #4 “follow your weirdness”!! Thanks for being such a lovely friend all year long. Happy New Year!! :)

  3. Robin

    Caryn ~ I do my best thinking when I’m running and driving. (Hmm…something about being in motion maybe?) Both of which aren’t exactly the best times because when I’m running I can’t jot down my awesome ideas – well, if I carried a pen and paper I could, but I don’t – and when I’m driving I shouldn’t be jotting down my awesome ideas, but I do!

  4. Robin

    Aww, thanks, Marilyn! And thank *you* for being such a great friend! Best wishes for the new year! I’m pretty darn stoked for the new year, but I’m saving my news for sometime very soon. (Which is totally killing me.)

  5. Happy New Year back @ ya :)!! I’m pretty sure the same cookie recipies keep cycling around society. When I was little, I thought my mom was the only one who made church window cookies. Turns out, half of the free world does, too.

    Hope all your dreams come true in 2012 {{hugs}}

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